3 Easy Ways to Make a House Feel Like Home

You are all set! You have a new home or apartment, front door keys, and boxes in hand but how do you make a house feel like home? Well, it all starts with the space. A blank canvas to work with. I see a blank room very different than most people, I walk in with a vision already set in motion way before ever setting foot in with boxes. Ever since I was small, when I enter an empty space, I look up at the ceiling. What? Why? I know it sounds pretty ridiculous but I do this for a reason. When you look up at a ceiling, it is as if you are looking at the blueprint of the room. I use that to create a blueprint in my head and transfer it onto paper. It is only then I can really make my place feel like a home because I am designing it to suit me and my belongings.

Here is three way you can make your house feel like home:

Something New

I get gitty whenever I go home decor shopping or even furniture shopping. There is something special about buying new things for your new place then never gets old. It basically presents for you and your home. For me, when I move into a new place, I like to have a few new things around me such as a couch or a table or even bed. It is a new chapter in your life with new memories so you might not want to bring over that old couch your ex-boyfriend gave to you all those years ago. Instead, ditch that old worn out couch! Get something you need to update because the item you have now is pretty worn down or get decoration such as artwork or plants. You can upgrade your photos and transfer them into a digitial picture frame like this one. Some people even get a pet! Choose something that represents you and something that you don’t mind staring at for a long time.


If throwing away or giving away your old things are not what you like doing, you can always re-purpose it. There are many of things you can cook up with some glue, paint, and imagination. Doing something yourself does not mean it has to be a huge project. I am not asking you to build yourself a table but doing something like putting together your coffee table from IKEA or spray painting old frames you have that has been collecting dust or painting a wall from white to blue. I personally love doing DIY projects as you can probably tell, it is a great way to be unique. It not only gives you that memory in your new place but also that self-accomplishment. One of my favorite projects that I have done is my entry closet shoe organizer and my littlest sister’s wall garden. Brag to your friends that, “it may have taken a couple hours but my hands did that!



Don’t you feel good when you see mementos around? I know that I do! Having the things that you love surrounding you is the best and most important thing to do in order to make a house feel like home. New things are fun and DIY projects are great but you can never replace important memories. It is all your life in every room. New space with many memories. Your life splattered around in picture frames, intertwined in your bed sheets and travel souvenirs.  I, personally love photos around, it brings joy to my face to see my son’s baby ultrasound photo or photos of my friends or travels in a frame on a shelf or mantel or wall. It will always be a conversation piece and decor that lasts a lifetime. Memories are keepsakes in anyone’s life so having those around make any home pretty extraordinary.


What We Learned:

  • Something New – buying something new such as a new table or new decor can really add not only new memories but a fresh new start to your space.
  • DIY Anything – being the one to put together a coffee table or even paint a bedroom wall can not only give your home a special touch but the satisfaction of saying you done it yourself.
  • Momentos – are the best and most important items to place in your home to make your house feel like a home. It brings joy, it is timeless decor that lasts a lifetime and conversation piece.

There you have it, 3 easy ways to make a house feel like home. Believe me, from a person who has moved a ton in her lifetime. It is truly the easiest ways to feel at home. However, do remember that you and your loved ones are truly what makes a house a home. There wouldn’t be a home without all the love.

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