4 Steps for Hosting a Unique Dinner Party

Step 1: Choose a Unique Theme

The first step to throwing the perfectly unique dinner party is to choose a killer theme. The basic dinner party has been done so many times that your guests will know exactly what to expect: a round of appetizers accompanied by polite small talk, followed by an undoubtedly delicious but predictable main course and a dessert. The conversation will flow pleasantly, but there will be no urge to stay late and after the fact, the dinner will not stand out in anyone’s mind.
The key to avoiding this monotony is a themed party. There are countless ways to spice up your evening, ranging from a murder mystery scenario to a masked ball to a friendly potluck competition. Conversation can sometimes be a bit stilted at first during dinner parties, especially if the guests haven’t met before hand. A unique theme provides an easy conversation starter and will make your night much more memorable.

Step 2: Make Your Decorations Pop

Once a theme has been chosen, it’s time to go all out with the decorations. Do a little research online on your theme to make sure that your decorations are authentic and appropriate. If your party will be centered around a historical event, pay attention to the historically correct little details that could make or break the party. If small gifts or party favors are involved, triple count your guest list and add a few extras; nothing could be worse than running out of favors and having a guest left out!
Additionally, make sure any gifts are aesthetically wrapped and presented to achieve maximum effect. While your party decorations should be as festive as possible, of course, be careful that they do not provide hazards that could trip your guests up or catch fire on decorative candles.


Step 3: Whip Up a Kitchen Masterpiece

Of course, ‘dinner’ is the operative word for many dinner parties. Once guests have arrived and marveled initially at your theme and tasteful decorations, they will be expecting delicious food to go along with it. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen, there are tips and tricks that will make your courses très délicieux. Of course, as part of throwing a dinner party in this modern age, it is essential to make sure that your courses are healthy as well as delicious.
This might seem like a challenge, as dinner party fare often revolves around cheese and fat-heavy appetizers accompanied with rich main courses. However, with a little bit of creativity, you can either create or order lean meals that still taste amazing Some sneaky tips and tricks involve swapping high-fat cheeses and creams for lower-fat alternatives, adding pureed vegetables into dishes to add volume and creaminess, and cutting sugar in desserts.

Step 4: Make Sure Your Guests Want to Stay All Night

The stage has been set, the food is cooked, and the guests are seated. Don’t panic! It’s not hard to keep your guests entertained all night while still having a bit of fun yourself. If you’ve chosen the theme correctly, most of this should take care of itself. For a murder mystery dinner, the guests will be busy reading through clues and discussing clever plots. For a book club dinner, pose thought-provoking questions throughout the dinner. Even if the theme is more about decoration than discussion, it never hurts to read through some current events and quick conversation starts in case the silences grow too long.
Many people these days, especially the younger generations, are fearful of throwing dinner parties. They envision a formal, stodgy affair with polite small talk and hours of labor in the kitchen. However, as these steps show, dinner parties really are for everyone. Just put a little bit of effort forwards into planning your theme, food, and conversation topics, and then watch your success unfold!


Guest post courtesy of Mia Morales.
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