4 Year Blogiversary – Blogging Tips, Blogging Mistakes and Blogging Ideas

4 Year Blogiversary - Blogging Tips, Blogging Mistakes and Blogging Ideas - City of Creative Dreams

Happy 4 Year Blogiversary! In celebrations of my anniversary, I like to take a moment to share my blogging tips, blogging mistakes and blogging ideas. Can I just take another moment to say wow my blog is four years old! I have been blogging for four years! It is pretty cool that my blog grows with my son since the whole reason this blog was put together was that I needed a hobby to entertain me while I was home all the time being a new young mom. Fast forward to now, and I am still here. Life has changed a lot but this piece of the web I own is only growing for the better and hopefully, it feels the same for you too.

I for one, love blogiversaries because it really allows me to sit down and see everything I have accomplished. Plus, every time I do this, I also see my goals from last year and the years before that. Has anything actually been accomplished? Is my blogging life a little easier? How many craft have I done this past year? Life is on the fast track all the time and so is my blogging life. Which means there are things that I have even forgotten about doing this year. This is the time to look back on this year and breathe in all my memories and my mistakes! I am so excited!

4 Year Blogiversary - Blogging Tips, Blogging Mistakes and Blogging Ideas - City of Creative Dreams



1. Take a course! – I am really investing in taking a blogging course. I had a mentality that ‘you don’t always have to pay for things when you can get it for free‘ which is still true to me in some cases however the courses I have been jumping into paid and non-paid really gets my gears moving and really does benefits in turning this blog of mine into the business that I am dreaming of.  The blogging tips are worth everything! Yes, blogging used to be a hobby but like most bloggers, I aspire it to be more than a blog and really want to get it that end game.2. Not everything is right for me! – This is something that I am learning right now. I am still caught in that web of trying to please everyone and say yes to everything with the hope it will lead me to make some sort of income in the future but it doesn’t work. I have been trying to really say only yes to the things that I know represent my blog, my ideas, and my desires. Anything else is a no. It is defiantly an adjustment but it benefits me in the long run.

3. Don’t get pushed aside! – Honestly, I am right smack in the middle of this right this very moment of time. I am literally getting push aside on my own blog. How did this happen? I don’t know if you have noticed but there have been more guest bloggers than my own posts on my site. I love guest bloggers and love that they have a platform to express on similar topics that I love. They are sharing their creative dreams and that it amazing but in the process of including everything, I found that I am getting pushed out. My voice is getting lots. So this is definitely a struggle for me… to find a balance between both worlds.

4. Trust in Yourself! – I still catch myself comparing myself to other awesome bloggers out there. Stop it! I am really trying to embrace myself, I mean that is why you come to my blog to hear about my solutions to problems and ideas to incorporate into your life. So why am I trying to put my foot into someone else’s shoes, it may look like the right style but it’s not the right size for me. Lean into trusting yourself, not following someone else’s path, we can only be ourselves so embrace that!

4 Year Blogiversary - Blogging Tips, Blogging Mistakes and Blogging Ideas - City of Creative Dreams


Dream – My goal dream for this next year is to launch a product or a course and really get out there to turn this site from a blog to a business. I have so many ideas that I think would really help my readers. It is all in the matter of getting it out there and into your hands. I love the ideas of not having a physical product because of the time and investment. I’ve tried everything and thought about everything to make money but it just doesn’t work for me. I am no salesperson and hate the fact that of pushing products and waiting for someone to put something in their cart every month to make a profit. Salesperson? I know that I am not that girl so I want to share something that is worth your time and worth the money because like my readers I don’t just go around giving out my hard earned money.Journey – My goal journey is to get out of jobs that do not suit me. I know what I love doing and its a multitude of things. There is no ceiling. I want to do what I love which is blogging about all the things I love. What I am realizing more and more, is that I am done with the idea of punching in from 9-5 with awesome coworkers, managers that know nothing of what they want but want it done now and done quickly and get paid chump change for my hard working butt. I am tired of living out someone else’s dream and want to start working for my dreams.

Create – My goal to create is to find my voice again and not to be pushed aside so easily. When I wasn’t working, I had so much more time to create things around the house and share it. These days, I haven’t found the time to make something. Funds have been significantly low since I switched jobs and adjusting to that have been so stressful. But I am hoping to put a side a little something to keep my creativity going in some way. Maybe create more printables!

4 Year Blogiversary - Blogging Tips, Blogging Mistakes and Blogging Ideas - City of Creative Dreams


I am smiling so hard right now as I am thinking about my best blogging day. Out of all the blogging I have done this past year, I only have one blog post that I have in mind and it is not even one that I have written. I was interviewed by Wayfair because they wanted to know about my bed sheets and ask questions on how I got the decision of the sheets I have. I remember just being in awe by the fact they even found this little blog of mine and honored they wanted me to be apart of their article. Yup that day for sure is my best blog day, no its or buts about it.


Okay, so my worst day of blogging would have to be switching from Blogger to WordPress. It was such a hassle. Very time-consuming. I mean me and Blogger have been buds for so long that I could not imagine my life without it. I ultimately changed over because a course recommended it for bloggers who want to transform blogs to business. What I didn’t know of all the work tied into moving all my blog content, my URL, my images and new blog layout. I do love all the things you can do with WordPress and that is another reason why I made the switch. It was just monster mountain to climb. It was so confusing and I felt so stressed and overwhelmed, especially when it would crash whenever I did something. Boo! But once you get the hang of it, you are good.
4 Year Blogiversary - Blogging Tips, Blogging Mistakes and Blogging Ideas - City of Creative Dreams


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You Rock! Thank You!

I would like to take a moment to thank you. Thank you, everyone, that has been there from the beginning and the ones that are still getting to know me and you right there who just pop on this article and is reading this right now. I thank you! This site is not only for myself, it is for you too! All of your love you provide me through views, shares and awesome comments is what gets me out of bed. It makes me love what a do more and more. Thanks for hanging around for so long. I am nowhere close to being perfect. However, I am always learning and always growing. I hope you continue to share in this journey with me and gain a creative dream or two. Until next year, creative dreamers!


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