How to Build Your Own Hebel Fencing?

How to Build Your Own Hebel Fencing? | City of Creative Dreams

Brick fencing has been in use since ages. But it is not easy and an expensive affair. Not everyone can afford it. For them, there is an easy to install and a cost-effective alternative. These are known as Hebel fencing. If you want to escape the cost of hiring professional installers for the fencing work, this fencing allows you to do it yourself. Know the steps to get it installed in your area.

How to Build Your Own Hebel Fencing? | City of Creative Dreams


Determine the Soil Type

First of all, you need to know the position to install the fencing. When you have decided the position, you should find out the type of soil present in the area. If you do not understand yourself you might consider consulting the engineer or a local.

Setting the Post
Determine the depth of the post at which the fence will be installed. Measure the post spacing that should be there along the alignment. Standard Hebel fencing has 1800mm long panels with post spacing of 1885mm directly from one post center to another post center.

Installing the Posts

For installing dig post holes make sure that the depth is correct. Place the posts in the holes. See that they hold posts in place with temporary support. When done, pour the concrete up to the ground level. Let it set. When the concrete is set you can slide and adjust the extension. Make sure to screw the extension or fix it on a minimum of two sides of the fence.


How to Build Your Own Hebel Fencing? | City of Creative Dreams

Set the Power Panel Level and Install It

There should be a string line at the base of the fence along the post. Turn the bracket of power fence upside down so that the cleat position is formed. Now, put this on the top of the post. You also have to slide it down so that the cleat plate is in line with the string line. Fix the cleats with screw one by one where the bay is installed.
To install the power panel, you should start with the cleat. The power panels will be placed above them. Another fence bracket should be there in the lateral fix position. Slide bracket and lock panel temporarily.

Completing the Connections

When the Hebel fencing is assembled, ensure that you finish all the bracket connections. Pre-drill and countersink some pilot holes into the post before screw installation. This completes each post structural system.

Putting Decorative Panel and Post Capping

Once all the above-mentioned work is done, you may decorate the fence. This can be done in many ways. Firstly, the panels can be strengthened and capped using a galvanized ‘U Channel’. Make sure that there is 5mm expansion space at the end of each capping length. To complete the top of the posts, a block of 600 x 200 x 50mm can be used. Cut into halves. Then glue it and screw fix it over the post. While fixing post caps use a bugle head type screw. Pre-drill and glue the post cap down. Finally, fix it into the place.

How to Build Your Own Hebel Fencing? | City of Creative Dreams

Finishing and The Coating

The finishing of the fence can be done using texture coat finishes or roll on flexible exterior paints. If there is already a galvanized panel capping then there is no need of using any other protective layer. If the power panel is on the top then a waterproofing of exterior grade is required. This should be totally compatible with the final coat so that water ingress is prevented.

This attractive Hebel fencing is an effective means to provide privacy and works as a barrier against loud noise. They are just perfect for residential areas. These lightweight panels and steel posts fences offer a modular masonry structure.  Thus, it is easy to erect without the need of strip footing or excavation. The fences are resistant to termite and are noncombustible in nature.



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