4 Common Wedding Guest Outfit Mistakes + Style Guide

4 Common Wedding Guest Outfit Mistakes + Style Guide | City of Creative Dreams

Your BFF, family member, long-lost cousin and coworker from your office is getting married to the love of their life and you are invited to the wedding. You are going to need a wedding guest style guide to find the right outfit for each occasion. The bride’s squad already have their outfits covers and the groom’s crew really just have to show up and look pretty but what about you? The guests have a responsibility to find the right outfit and avoid common that can arise.

Common Wedding Guest Outfit Mistakes

1. Too Revealing
4 Common Wedding Guest Outfit Mistakes + Style Guide | City of Creative Dreams

Grandma almost had a heart attack. Grandpa’s teeth fell out and little Timmy needs to close his eyes because some guest is showing a lot more than everyone was hoping to see today. This one is for you ladies. It is rare to see more of the men then planned but with a few drinks, anything is possible. I am talking about guys taking off their shirts during the dancing. As for you ladies, be considerate to the families and friends of the bride and groom. This is not a club. This is a special moment for the family and more important the couple. Wear dresses a little above the knee and less cleavage. Dress respectfully.

2. All White/ All Black

4 Common Wedding Guest Outfit Mistakes + Style Guide | City of Creative Dreams

This should be common sense by now but some still think they can wear white at the wedding. White has always been reserved for the bride. There are no its or buts about it, however, there are rare occasions when you can wear white or black and that is if you have permission from the bride herself. Not all brides choose to wear white (and I don’t mean off-white dresses). If the bride chooses to wear red or black as her dress or pink then, in that case, you for sure can wear white as long as it doesn’t look similar to a wedding dress

3. Too Similar to Bridesmaids Dress
4 Common Wedding Guest Outfit Mistakes + Style Guide | City of Creative Dreams

Alright, sometimes this happens. Most of the time, it was most likely because you bought your dress from a bridal store and other cases it was completely by mistake. Your dress may be the same color of the bridesmaid’s dress or even just the same style. A simple trick in case that happens is to have a cute belt or light sweater to hide away. One thing that rarely happens is if you happen to wear the same dress as seven other guests. Yes, it has happened. In that case, just roll with it. It is too late to go change your dress, just have a few drinks and a great laugh. It is sure a great story to last you a lifetime.

4. Black Tie with Dinner Jacket
4 Common Wedding Guest Outfit Mistakes + Style Guide | City of Creative Dreams

Just like wearing all white ladies, the rules still apply for you men. Don’t you go leaving the house in an all black suit unless you are the groom himself or the groomsmen.

Yes, black is slimming and that is probably why the groom reserved that color tuxedo. Of course, like the ladies, there is an exception to the rule. If the man wears all white… or red or navy blue? In that case, I would say, oh yeah! I mean there are limited color choices to wear to a wedding. Bright colors of yellow, green, pink and orange is a strong no, don’t replace black with those. Try light grays, dark grays, dark greens and navy as great options. Leave the colors to the ties! I heard that The Black Tux has a fantastic selection of suits and tuxedos that you can rent. I think they are worth checking!


Wedding Guest Style Guide:

Enough with the common mistakes, let’s find a way to fix these problems. There is nothing better than having a guide to help you dress. It is like having your own personal assistant. So, here your very own personal assistant to save you from common mistakes and give you the outfit confidence you need to guest dress correctly. Keep this close because, with this Wedding Guest Style Guide, you will walk in with no mistakes.

4 Common Wedding Guest Outfit Mistakes + Style Guide | City of Creative Dreams

We went through the common outfit mistakes wedding guest make during wedding seasons. But you are not going to be one of those types of guests because this article has got you covers. You got a wedding guest style guide by The Black Tux that will get you looking your very best without causing any problems.

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