Eclectic Bathrooms – Design Basics You Need to Know

Eclectic Bathrooms – Design Basics You Need to Know | City of Creative Dreams


Eclectic Bathrooms – Design Basics You Need to Know. Eclecticism is a conceptual approach that encompasses a stark variety of stylistic periods to bring them together through color, texture and shape. Diversity is the key word with the eclectic style, as it draws its inspiration from multiple theories of aesthetics, sources and historical contexts, thus implementing them into a cohesive and vibrant whole.

Bathrooms are often the last thing on people’s mind when they consider the interior design of their home. As long as it fulfills all the necessary functions, people are content with the blandest looking bathroom. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can make it just as unique and interesting as the rest of your household. If the thought of this intrigues you, here are some eclectic bathroom design ideas.

Eclectic Bathrooms – Design Basics You Need to Know | City of Creative Dreams


What can you do?

The most noticeable way to achieve the eclectic style is to combine old and new – from modern glass encasings for your bathing area to vintage bathtubs within, up-to-date countertops and baroque towel cupboards, you can literally let your imagination run wild.
However, if you don’t have the necessary sense of style and design, you should first hire a professional interior designer to at least give you the broad strokes. Updating fixtures and tiles will also require the help of professionals, so you have to be financially prepared for this endeavor.

Eclectic Bathrooms – Design Basics You Need to Know | City of Creative Dreams


You can always go vintage

It doesn’t matter if your house or apartment is old or new, you can always opt for a vintage aesthetic expression combined with a modern design for an eclectic contrast. Marble floors and stripped down, bright walls go hand in hand with darker, more intricately designed furniture with weathered textures. For example, the cupboard beneath the sink can be a chestnut Victorian design. Likewise, art deco furniture lends itself perfectly to marble surfaces. If you employ these contrasts, your bathroom will look downright artistic.

Focal points

Each room in the household needs a piece of furniture that represents a focal point. In bathrooms that aim for the eclectic style, it would be best if you opted for one of two things for this role – a vanity/sink or the bathtub/shower.
As far as the bathing area goes, whether you opt for a shower or a bathtub, you can always add a ceiling-mount showerhead for a strong aesthetic effect. Make the best out of the shower curtain and choose a print that will complement the surrounding walls. If you want to draw attention to the geometry of the bathroom, a modern round tub can be implemented very nicely. As far as vintage tubs go, make sure the visible piping looks good. You can opt for copper pipes and match them with the hue of the faucet.
In general, exposed pipes are a popular choice right now, so if you decide to go down this road, make sure they’re visually appealing as well as safe. A reliable service for blocked drains in North Shore can prevent or solve all potential problems. Make sure to ask a designated repairman how to approach dealing with exposed piping in your bathroom.
A furniture-style vanity is an amazing addition as a focal point. It can resemble a Victorian washstand with plumbing and a faucet. If you go with darker wood, opt for a marble countertop and if the wood is on the brighter side, granite
countertops are an excellent choice.

Eclectic Bathrooms – Design Basics You Need to Know | City of Creative Dreams


Make sure the colors are contrasting overall if you want to achieve the eclectic atmosphere. Also known as complementary colors, they should cancel each other out in order to provide a stylistic atmosphere. Basic combinations are blue and yellow, red and cyan, azure and orange, etc. This also works for pastel combinations like pink and spring green. Vibrant orange and calming deep blue is a popular combination right now.

Eclectic style can easily look inelegant and over-the-top if it’s done wrong. However, it’s easy to veer into kitsch with any style of choice if it’s done wrong. If it’s done right, eclectic design of your bathroom can bring a breath of fresh air into your home and make it an interesting environment filled with visual stimuli. 

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