How to Organize a 5-Star Family Adventure

How to Organize a 5-Star Family Adventure - City of Creative Dreams


There’s nothing that makes parents as happy as a successful family vacation, but usually, both parents and kids are a bit disappointed. Why is that the case so often? Well, the key is planning, keeping the tension down and – adventure! So, here’s how to organize a perfect family adventure with just the right amount of relaxation and action involved.
How to Organize a 5-Star Family Adventure - City of Creative Dreams

Surviving the trip

Once your kids get older, they will realize the beauty of traveling itself, but while they’re young, they are all about getting there. That’s why you should try to make the travel-part of the trip as painless and quick as possible. Don’t hesitate to pay extra for a direct flight! Also, when picking the destination, pick something that doesn’t involve spending days at airports and changing three transportation types to get there. Save those trips for the future, and settle for easier options at least until your kids get a bit older.
How to Organize a 5-Star Family Adventure - City of Creative Dreams

Choosing activities and attractions

Once you decide on the destination, search the internet for all the interesting things to see nearby. Do this together with your family, so you can discuss what to visit and what to skip. Make sure everyone takes their pick from the list of activities and attractions. This greatly helps with keeping the morale up, as while checking out a place the kids aren’t enjoying, they always have something to look forward to. Of course, you can do many more things, but ensure everyone gets to do at least one thing they really like.
How to Organize a 5-Star Family Adventure - City of Creative Dreams

Schedule tricks

Not many kids enjoy museums, cathedrals and exploring “old ruins” (their words, not mine), so make sure to check these out at the beginning of your day, while the spirits are high and the crowds are absent. It will be easier for the kids to get through the activities they don’t enjoy if they have something to look forward to later like I’ve already said.
How to Organize a 5-Star Family Adventure - City of Creative Dreams

Keep the kids occupied

If your vision of a perfect adventure is traveling abroad to chill at a hotel room with a cocktail in one and a book in the other hand, guess what? Your kids are not going to like it. There’s no way you can expect children to just relax and read in peace. They need to see and experience new thing and spend all that built-up energy. They need real adventure! So, make sure you organize something every day, no matter how much you might want to just relax and do nothing. For instance, rent bikes and start exploring (and don’t be scared to go off the road)! This is the easiest way to see what else is there besides the beach and hotel rooms. But, especially if you’re cycling in nature, get your family some 611 helmets and guards, because, as always, “Safety first”. Both your kids and you will love this genuine adventure, learn a lot about the destination and take some amazing photos.
How to Organize a 5-Star Family Adventure - City of Creative Dreams

Set aside time to relax

Even though the kids are usually super energetic, they are not machines and they need rest too. So, if you’re a seasoned adventurer who loves long hiking trips and could stroll through a new city for hours without a stop, your children need to relax. So, don’t overbook your schedule. Sometimes, spending a day at the pool will provide your young ones with enough energy to go snorkeling the next day. With kids, it’s all about balance, so alternate relaxing and action-packed days.
The whole point of a family trip, besides educating them about the world, people and different cultures, is to spend quality time together and grow closer. At the end of the day, kids just want to be with you and share all the exciting things with their loved ones. So, every time something doesn’t go according to plan, revise your priorities and just enjoy showing your kids the world.
Guest post courtesy of Katica Maric.
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