Paint Color Trends That Are All the Rage

Paint Colour Trends That Are All the Rage | City of Creative Dreams


You want to express yourself and your interior should reflect your character. After all, is there a more perfect place to let your inner Picasso shine than within your own four walls? Before you embark on the downward spiral of drawing more outlandish strokes when it comes to furniture design choices, you have to focus all of your attention on those particular walls. They are the cornerstone meant to set the stage for everything else.
However, it can be really difficult to match your favorite colors, especially if most of them simply do not mix by any aesthetic standard. In this case, we turn our gaze to the paint color trends that are all the rage right now. There’s a great chance you’ll find exactly what you are looking for among these fun ideas.
Paint Colour Trends That Are All the Rage | City of Creative Dreams

Neutral colors and jewel tones: A volatile relationship

We can trace this push back to the iconic status of Steve Jobs which has really swayed general public over the last few years of his life. The popularity of minimalism is skyrocketing steadily and this also goes for the color of walls. Gentle and neutral tones and lack of texture are the name of the game right now – especially when contrasted with what’s all the rage in furniture design.
Outrageous jewel tones in ornate, luxurious shapes align perfectly with these minimalist walls. Wall colors can range from white to black, and trick lies only in choosing the right hue.
On the other hand, you can flip the power game between your walls and furniture and use striking jewel tones to “box in” your room and create a vibrant home for your tables and couches.
Paint Colour Trends That Are All the Rage | City of Creative Dreams

Cold-hearted steel and silver

Stainless steel, in black or gray variant, is often combined with various tints of silver in the kitchen. Should you decide to remodel your kitchen, black stainless steel is the way to go – it’s garnering popularity this year, and it’s a subtle change that can easily make your kitchen stand out.
People generally have a tendency to turn to lighter shades when they want to create a space that seems more open. In spite of that, taupe is striding confidently into the spotlight in 2017, and taupe gray is right behind it. However, this “steel infection” seems to have spread from the kitchen to other parts of the house as well. Platinum and gray are very popular for open-plan living spaces and exteriors.

Green goes dark, blue goes global

Wave goodbye to somber midnight and navy blues. Dark green won the popularity contest in 2017. This striking dark color mixes perfectly with warmer tones of leather furniture and rustic quality of natural linen.
However, blue is not out of the lineup just yet. Beautiful but harshly dark tones of midnight and navy blue give way to something more vibrant – from teal and sapphire to shades that walk along the line of baby blue.
Paint Colour Trends That Are All the Rage | City of Creative Dreams

Mood switches

These new tints of elemental colors indicate a noticeable shift in mood of western society – a wish to return to more grounded but striking tones that communicate confidence as well as vibrancy. How hard can it be? You just take a brush soaked in paint and slap it on the wall, right?
Anyone who ever wanted to turn their household into something more than “four walls and a bed” knows that there is much more to it than pure muscle work. Once you align your sensibilities with what you can do, you’ll have to make detailed plans about color ratio and surface handling.
As for the solutions for outdoor settings, you should know that premium exterior paints are suited for a range of surfaces, including decks, pavers, and roofs, and boasts weather resistant properties, which will prolong the wow-effect of the color you choose.

A little help is always welcome

Regardless of the current trends, if you’re not sure what certain color will look on a wall when accompanied with your furniture, you can always use an online paint scheme and color chart to see it for yourself. In this way, you’ll get precious help in creating a truly cohesive mixture, comprised of colors that really relate to each other.  
Colour trends are not only meant to reflect the aesthetic zeitgeist of a society but also offer combinations that can appeal to individuals as well. Maybe some of these are tailored perfectly for you.
Guest post courtesy of Lillian Connors.
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