Benefits of Ergonomic Computer Chairs



In recent years more and more companies and individuals have started purchasing ergonomic computer chairs. However, there are still a lot of people out there who believe that ergonomic computer chairs are plain luxury items and serve no real purpose. However, that can’t be further from the truth.
Ergonomic computer chairs are specially designed for long hours of sitting, especially for people who have 9 to 5 desk jobs for which they have to remain seated all day. Studies show that an average worker spends about 1430 hours in one year seated on chairs. Furthermore, it’s estimated that 57% of all office workers suffer from muscle and posture related injuries due to the long hours of sitting. Not only does this cost the individuals a lot of money in terms of medical care, but it also costs the companies considerably in sick leave, absenteeism, etc.
Ergonomic chairs are designed in a manner that they offer support to your full body with a high backrest and plenty of padding on all the seats, arm chairs, etc. Furthermore, the backrest, armrest, seats, etc, are always adjustable. As such, you can recline them back, or move the armchair around, so as to offer maximum comfort to your body. This has a number of benefits to your body and your mind in the long run.

Benefits to the Body

The backrest of an ergonomic computer chair goes all the way up your spinal column so as to support your whole back, including the shoulders and neck. The legs often come with leg rests and padding so that they’re not dangling down. The buttocks are also seated on padded cushions, and lumbar supports are provided for the sake of your lower back. This ensures that your posture remains firm and that you don’t develop any musculoskeletal problems. This eventually saves you a lot of money in chiropractor visits.

Benefits to the Mind

When you’re seated on ergonomic chairs, your whole body is well supported. As such, you’re never crouching over. This allows more oxygen to flow into your brain, which in turn keeps you fully alert. This also increases your efficiency during work.
Well, that’s merely scratching the surface of all the benefits you can have when you use ergonomic computer chairs on a long term basis. However, I’m sure that’s enough to give you a good picture.
Now comes the important part. Each ergonomic chair is designed according to different specifications. As such, you need to do your research and read about all the factors to choose ergonomic computer chairs. The following infographic designed by should give you a pretty decent idea of how to go about it.
Well, have fun shopping for that perfect ergonomic computer chair!
Guest post courtesy of Scott Murray.
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