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DIY Winter Hats | City of Creative Dreams


Winter is just around the corner, and for many people in the United States, those blustery cold days are heading for them a lot faster than others. For many moms in the United States, this also means replacing lost items that children tend to lose, yet they need to stay warm – like hats and mittens. There is most likely a mountain somewhere made entirely of the hats, scarfs, and mittens that kids have left behind at parks, and a mountain of equal size, made of money, that parents have had to spend replacing those items.
Where these mountains are… no one knows.
But this is all beside the point. You can turn that winter frown upside down the next time your child walks through the door with a bare head, after having left sporting that brand new cap you just bought last week.
Why not propose making a winter hat together? Turn the hat into a treasured item, that both you and your little one made, and it’s sure to matter more to them and cost less as well. That’s a win-win in our books. There are various ways (not to mention many of them are insanely simple) to make your own DIY winter hats and caps. Thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web, you have access to almost all of them! Caps can be made from all different kinds of fabric, even old sweaters. All you need is a little basic sewing knowledge and you’re sure to nail this project.

All Hail Martha Stewart

DIY Winter Hats | City of Creative Dreams
If there is one woman nearly every mom can count on for crafty holiday projects, it’s Martha. For years she has been featuring holiday-themed DIY projects on her website, as well as on numerous other outlets.

Fear not, friends; she knows how to make winter hats, and she’s sharing the wealth. All you need to replicate Martha’s fun fashion project is some comfortable fleece fabric (purchasable in bulk at nearly any craft store, or the craft section of a large store). You’ll also need some thread, a sewing machine, and fabric scissors, and a tape measure meant for clothing – but being that you are looking into DIY winter hat projects, we’re going to assume you have at least a few of those other items. If not, well, then they are all available in the same section as the fleece in your general store.

Essentially, to make these cozy fleece treasures, you simply need to measure the around your head with the fabric tape measure and cut panels out of the fleece in accordance with those measurements. Martha’s article boasts three different types of hats that you can make using this method. To learn more about the details of this projects, and for a step by step, tutorial take a look at the article itself right here.

Time to Put Those Old Sweaters Back to Work

DIY Winter Hats | City of Creative Dreams
Admit it, and don’t be ashamed. You have a box, or a drawer, or an entire storage tub somewhere in your house that contains old sweaters you either don’t like anymore, or your loved ones have outgrown.

Great news! You can recycle those old sweaters into something brand new – a stylish new cap for cold weather. has a featured article dedicated to the process of turning ugly sweaters into adorable hats for people of all ages.

The best part about this method is you don’t even have to go out and buy any fabric!

The method is essentially similar to the one featured on Martha Stewart’s website, however, the measurement part of a bit different as you won’t be cutting into bolts of flat fabric. You’re cutting into sweaters. Don’t worry though, it’s still just as simple.
Alright friends, get to it before the cold gets here first. Happy crafting! 


Guest post courtesy of Mia Morales.
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