What is the Inspiration for a Natural Living lifestyle?


What is the Inspiration for a Natural Living lifestyle? | City of Creative Dreams

Why is everyone so interested in starting a natural living lifestyle? What is the point? What does this actually do for your life? Your family’s life? What is the inspiration behind everyone turning their life for the better? There are many reasons why people decide this route, health reason can be a huge deciding factor but that is not always the case. For some, they never needed a doctor or tv Doctor or even influences around to tell them to. It may have played a role though. I like to call it a wake-up moment or reality check or you can even category it as an aha moment in your life.

Wake Up

What is the Inspiration for a Natural Living lifestyle? | City of Creative Dreams

It took one thing or many to finally realize that all this time you actually do not know what you are putting in or on your body. Simple test, grab a bottle from your bathroom counter or hand lotion from your bag? Look at the ingredients. Looks like a whole new language. Do you know what any of the ingredients actually are? I don’t! We simply trust and that’s not our fault. Why would we ever think otherwise?

For me, I like to say that I woke up when I was pregnant. That is when I truly started to care about myself because it was not just me anymore. I was now responsible for taking care of another human other than myself. For first time mothers like myself, that is huge pressure. Young or old mothers, It’s scary. What I eat, he eats and what I put onto my body also affects him so I decided right there that I wanted a natural living lifestyle and then went to go search for natural alternates to my skincare, to my cleaners and for my foods.

No Toxins

What is the Inspiration for a Natural Living lifestyle? | City of Creative Dreams

There are nay-sayers towards a natural living lifestyle idea like everything else in the world. Not everyone believes that our skincare, cleaners, and foods could possible have toxins that can harm us. It’s a ‘you have to see it to believe it‘ mind frame. “Well, I haven’t died yet” thinking. “It’s a scam, sham, bam bam excuse to make money‘ I heard it all. What about you, do you think so? I’ve done much a bit of research on food since people are now talking about the behind scenes of popular foods. Food has been bright, big and beautiful. Captivating to the eye to make you want to buy it but did you know it’s pretty much just makeup.

One thing I have made clear that I avoid food coloring. I noticed that it didn’t agree with me whenever I had a red freezie or slushy, my throat felt funny. Which was super strange to me. I mean isn’t it just juice frozen but it kept doing this. Then one day, I watched Dr.Oz and food coloring was a subject. What is in food coloring? Yes, finally I was getting some answers. But what I learned was alarming to me it has an ingredient called petroleum which is also found in your car gas. And that is just the tip-top of the iceberg. What we consuming may look good but in reality, is doing the opposite.

Body, Soul, Mind

What is the Inspiration for a Natural Living lifestyle? | City of Creative Dreams

There is a reason everyone is grasping to yoga, meditation, essential oils and natural foods for their natural living lifestyle. It makes your body feel it’s best. It’s taking a moment to really invest in yourself, your health and your mind. That by no means that we have to do everything all the time. Yoga at nine. Green juice at ten. 5k sprint after lunch and naturally clean the house after the kids go to bed. If that’s your speed great on you. However, for me and like most of you. We don’t have the time to do it all nor do we want to do everything. We aren’t all the same. Your shoes may not be my style or size but that the best thing about lifestyles and about individual bodies. You customize it. You design it. It is your life after all.

A few ways to feed your soul is aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, sleep, feng shui, and acupuncture. If you are an get out there and journey through it kind of person try going for a far walk or run. Get active with dancing, biking, swimming. If you are more low key then simply reading a book, writing in a journal, playing or read inch materials that feed your intelligence such a scrabble. The main point is to get the most out of it. Don’t stress the little stuff. Start small. Intertwine these activities into your personal schedule. Like I said, you design it. You made it your own.

What is the Inspiration for a Natural Living lifestyle? | City of Creative Dreams

We can agree that the main inspiration of having a more natural living lifestyle is the desire to put what best for you around you in all aspects of your life. You want to feel your best. Feel healthier. Breathe goodness and ultimately feel happy about your life. You don’t want to live in the unknown of what you are consuming. You maybe even want to create your own products or start yoga or dive into essential oils. It’s the generation of knowing, being really aware and taking control of your life. Are you inspired enough to start a natural lifestyle? It’s never too late or too early to start. Your journey starts now.

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