Stellar Tips To Get Your Home Sold in a Stagnant Market

Stellar Tips To Get Your Home Sold in a Stagnant Market | City of Creative Dreams


The property market in most places is pretty stagnant at the moment. It is costing people a lot more to move home than it ever has. So unless people really have to, then they’re just not buying. Which is why, if you need to sell your home, it needs to be out on top and stand out from the ‘crowd.’ So if you’re thinking of selling, or are struggling to sell your home at the moment, then here are some tips and tricks to think about. 


Stellar Tips To Get Your Home Sold in a Stagnant Market | City of Creative Dreams

Make a Big Change

If you want to sell your home and it to go for a good price and make an impact, then making a big change could be just the way to do it. The good news is that a large renovation project pretty much always holds it’s value. So that doesn’t need to be too much of a worry for you. What you need to decide is what to do as there are a few options. You could choose a loft conversion, adding a conservatory, or just extending into your garden. If you’re in a rush to sell, then many of these can be completed in around two months, especially if you chose a company like The Renovation Company, that specializes in speedy renovations. Does the idea of a big project appeal as you get ready to sell your home? You might not want to leave after all!

Convert the Garage

If you have a garage, then using it as a space for your car can be a wasted opportunity. If people see the garage as another room in the home, then it can put your home above similar properties in the area. So instead of piling it high with storage, think about making it into a useable space. It could still have some storage if that is a must, but some carpet, decor, and seating could be just what you need. It shows to potential buyers that it can double up as a family room or games room, which can be very appealing for families.


Stellar Tips To Get Your Home Sold in a Stagnant Market | City of Creative Dreams

Choose Your Target Buyer

Your location, house size, and access to local amenities will all help you to know who will be attracted to your property. A home close to good schools and public transport is likely to attract younger families or young professionals. A larger house a little further out of town is going to attract a larger family with older children perhaps, or simply an older couple. When you know who is likely to buy your home, then you can set it up accordingly. A home suited to a younger family should show that there is plenty of storage and spaces to use to play in, for example.

Emphasize a Driveway

If you have a front garden at your property at the moment, then it could be time to think about replacing it with just a large driveway. A front garden means upkeep. It also means you can park less cars on the driveway. So maximize the space outfront for cars, especially if you live in a busy urban area.


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