You Are Cordially Invited! Getting the Word Out About Your Big Day

You Are Cordially Invited! Getting the Word Out About Your Big Day | City of Creative Dreams


When it comes to weddings, the bride and groom often have so much to organize and focus on that often the little things slip their mind. The problem is that if one of these little things happens to be the wedding invites, the whole day could be thrown into disarray. It’s absolutely essential that you don’t get so caught up in booking a venue that you completely forget to let everyone know where you’ve booked and when they have to be there. So, make sure that pretty much the moment you have a definite date, you get your invitations out and on their way. Here are a few things to bear in mind and try out when it comes to asking your nearest and dearest along to the event of the year!


You Are Cordially Invited! Getting the Word Out About Your Big Day | City of Creative Dreams

Ditch Facebook

Okay, so Facebook’s events pages are a brilliant way to gather the attention of potential guests for a whole range of events. Whether it’s a small gathering in the local pub or a large-scale celebration at a specialist venue, inviting people on social media allows them to have easy access to all of the details without having to message constantly for reminders. Speaking of reminders, they will receive a notification of the event on the day and at its start time, just to ensure that things don’t slip their mind. However, for a wedding, it’s just not quite up to scratch. You want to make a statement. After all, this isn’t just any old party. So, ditch Facebook and get a little more formal by sending out physical invitations.


You Are Cordially Invited! Getting the Word Out About Your Big Day | City of Creative Dreams

Get Creative With Your Design

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner. So make sure that your invites reflect this. You don’t want something that your guests have received time and time again from other couples tying the knot. You want something as unique as your blossoming relationship. Work hand in hand with Pure Invitation to come up with bespoke wedding invitations that will speak volumes about you, the happy couple. If you aren’t all too creative yourself, don’t worry. This is where the professionals can really help. They have a vast portfolio of examples in signature styles, such as minimalistic, rustic, glitter and sparkle, and classic invitation designs. You can then make small tweaks to add your own signature spin to them.

Remember the Essential Details

While we understand the novelty in designing invites, it’s important that you remember to include the essential details amongst all of the paper cutting, glitter, and fun! You need to fill people in on the venue, the date, and the time that they are expected to arrive. Finally, remember to sign off with both of your names, so that the recipient knows exactly who’s wedding it is that they’re invited to attend! Not all guests will have social media, so may not have seen engagement pictures and be anticipating an invite. Then hand these invitations over in person, or ensure that you have the right addresses for all of your guests so that they can make their way to them in the post safe and sound.
Follow these steps, and everything should run smoothly and according to plan!

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