The top 3 ways to Decorate Your Business with a Fish Tank

The top 3 ways to Decorate Your Business with a Fish Tank | City of Creative Dreams

Owning a business can be quite an endeavor. One that takes a great deal of time and effort to be a success. One of the things that make business owners successful is if their storefront. Also, stores that are decorated in a tasteful manner, is clean, and has friendly employees. In fact, many nail salons, high-end boutique shops, and specialty stores are utilizing creative methods to engage customers while they are on location. One of the ways that business owners are doing this is by installing a fish tank in the waiting room area of a nail salon, the entryway of a boutique shop, and by the cash register at specialty stores. There are many ways that you can decorate your business with a fish tank. This article will highlight a few ways to do so in a classy manner.
The top 3 ways to Decorate Your Business with a Fish Tank | City of Creative Dreams
  1. Add a fish tank to your waiting area.

If you own a business with a waiting area, it is a good idea to have magazines, a television set, or a fish tank nearby so that your customers have something to keep them engaged while they wait. Most places offer magazines or a television but having a fish tank can really set you apart from the competition. Fill your fish tank with unique fish that are bright and colorful. Perhaps add a starfish or a fish that resembles famous movie characters such as Little Nemo or flounder from the Little Mermaid. The fish can add some fun to what could be a dull area.

  1. A fish tank can be a nice focal point in the center of your shop. 

If you own a clothing boutique or a shop that is rather large and has a big open space in it, you will need to have something to be a focal point. Did you know that by installing a fish tank into your flooring or into the center of the store that you will entice people to enter your shop? It is true. People walking by who may not otherwise stop by your shop will do so if they see something unique such as a fish tank. This can be a great way to bring in business that you may not have otherwise had.

  1. Fitting room waiting area is a nice place for a fish tank. 

Another great place to consider adding a fish tank is in the fitting room area of your shop. Much like having a tank in your waiting area, having one in your fitting room area will give people something to do while they wait for friends and family to try on clothing. Having a fish tank can also keep children entertained while they wait. Children that are entertained will allow for their parents to shop longer which could result in more revenue for your business.


The top 3 ways to Decorate Your Business with a Fish Tank | City of Creative Dreams

When owning a business it is important to decorate. Add some flair to your store so that you stand out from the others. One trendy way to do this is to install a fish tank. Whether you install a tank in the fitting room, waiting area, or as a focal point you can’t go wrong. 

Contributed courtesy of Fabio Quinet.
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