How to Be Safe and Happy While Online Shopping?

How to Be Safe and Happy While Online Shopping? | City of Creative Dreams

It is that time of the season where sales are everywhere. To live an affordable lifestyle while still buying your dream items from your wishlist, you need sales. I for one, love a sale especially for Black Friday or Cyber Monday! I mean who doesn’t love staying in bed, skipping the annoying long lines, avoid trying to navigate through a crowd of people just to get to the shoe department or the never-ending hustle simply to find a free parking spot.

That is why I am a huge fan of online shopping. Once I started, I couldn’t see any other joy other than getting affordable goodies delivered right to their front door. However, you do need to be safe while online shopping for the holiday season and in online shopping in general. There are many thieves out there so it is important to know how to protect your identity and your money by using identity theft protection services like LifeLock. This problem can be easily solves

Safe Online Shopping

How to Be Safe and Happy While Online Shopping? | City of Creative Dreams

Where are the safe online sales? There is no one-stop shop that is the only safe site to go to however there are simple easy steps you can take to make sure you are making safe online purchases such as be careful. I thought I would share my top two tips I live by in order to keep my affordable shopping from getting me robbing my personal information and well-earned cash.

Avoid Email Scams: They make it look pretty and eye-catching, intriguing you with way too good to be true sales. To not be tricked, I like to go to the site from the actual site’s webpage instead of clicking the ad in my inbox. If the sale is on the webpage then I know for sure this is true deal.

Stick with Trusted Companies: Shop with brands you already buy from. That you haven’t had any problems with before such as packages not received. We all have our go-to brands and companies we love to go to for our low prices so make sure to stick with the ones you completely trust.

How to Be Safe and Happy While Online Shopping? | City of Creative Dreams

Secured Statement: When I am going onto a new website and I know that I need to make a purchase, I always make sure that the top left corner next to the URL ensures me that this site is safe and secured.

Computer Protection: Any computer I have, I make sure to buy protection from all the bugs and virus computers can gain. It comes in handy especially when it comes to websites because my computer will let me know if a website is safe and will always refuse to let you onto a page it is considered a threat.


Useful Things to Know for Online Shopping for the Holidays

How to Be Safe and Happy While Online Shopping? | City of Creative Dreams

Although, what I have shared about how to protect yourself while shopping this holiday season as well as when you are online shopping in general, it is very important to take the time to imply them into your daily shopping life. Don’t leave the door open to online thieves and giving them the satisfactory of robbing your joy. Take action. Take the time. By applying these simple tips you taking to right steps and overall providing yourself safe and happy online shopping experience.

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