How Declutter Your Bathroom in a Day?

How Declutter Your Bathroom in a Day? | City of Creative Dreams


Are you living with a cluttered bathroom? Today I am going to share with you simple ways to declutter your bathroom in a day. Bathrooms are not usually the ones that get messy the most compared to other parts of your home. However, don’t let that sentence be all too refreshing because bathroom can for sure get cluttered. If you have kids or live with many family members or roommates if you don’t take care of the space it can for sure get a little out of hand.We all know what a classic clutter bathroom can look like. Your bathroom sink no longer has any space around. The tub area results in gymnastics so that you don’t knock a bottle down into the tub. Don’t get me started on the shelves and cabinets because you don’t even see or find anything of what you are looking for. Believe me, I know because I live through it. You have no idea the number of times, a bottle would fall on my foot when I open a cabinet or me knocking a bottle into the tub. So frustrating so why not get rid of the clutter and let’s start decluttering your bathroom.

Declutter Bathroom Cabinet/ Shelves

How Declutter Your Bathroom in a Day? | City of Creative Dreams

Where to start? Let’s start with decluttering your bathroom cabinets and shelves. That means, go through your lotions, soaps and everything in between. Don’t keep empty bottles. What are you searching for? Well the stuff that is completely finished, don’t use and are not going to use. Throw away empty lotion cream, shampoo, condition and hair products. Most common reason to keep empty bottles is that you want to remember this particular product to buy or to remind you to buy more. If that sounds like you, simply take a photo of the product and then add it to your grocery list.

Next, get rid of those sample-size toiletries that have expired, used up or that you have no desire to use. Don’t go making excuses that you will use it because it has been sitting there for a long time. Also, don’t keep dried up nail products. If you have old toothbrushes or any air fresheners that are no longer in good use then it is time for it to go. Donate extra hair dryers, hair clippers, and hair straighteners that work but you no longer like using because you have an upgraded one. There are many out there who would love to have your working hair accessories.


Declutter Bathroom Drawers

How Declutter Your Bathroom in a Day? | City of Creative Dreams

If you have drawers in your bathroom or even medicine cabinets, you know that it is go-to for tossing things inside. First, throw away old makeup or makeup you no longer use. Search for anything that is broken such as broken hair clips, nail clipper, combs, and ponytails. Those can be thrown away. Consider getting small drawer baskets to keep things in place and not floating around your drawer.

What can you donate? Donate hair accessories you no longer need but are in good condition. An awesome tip is too collect them into a ziplock bag and toss it into your donation bag. Consider giving away any brand new creams or perfumes or colognes that you don’t want to friends or family. Don’t keep earrings that are missing a partner, broken or in need of a repair. If you are crafty you could upcycle it but if you are not then either donate it so people would enjoy upcycling it. Get rid of anything that is not bathroom related such as things you threw in the drawer from your pocket like small change.


Declutter Bathroom Linen Closet 

How Declutter Your Bathroom in a Day? | City of Creative Dreams

Some homes have the linen closets either outside of the bathroom or in the bathroom so it only makes sense to add it to this decluttering list. Go through and get rid of old worn out towels, bath mats, bed sheets/bedding, hand towels and wash clothes. Donate the ones that you don’t like but are in good condition. If you store pillows in your closet be sure to get rid of these pillows that are gross, worn, extra flattened or stained. If you are looking for crafty ways to get rid of old pillows check out my project that I have created for my sister’s bunk bed.

Only keep what you have been using or that you know for sure that you have used more than twice a year. It is always good to keep enough sheets and bedding for those times when you have a guest or when you want to change your bedding up. However, what you don’t want to do is keep everything which includes sheets and bedding that you know that you don’t. Give those away by donating it. There is someone out there who will put good use to it. What to do with special keepsakes? Don’t keep every single receiving blankets and blanket ever given. Keep special blankets such the baby blanket you brought your baby home from or the one your mom knitted.

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