How to Declutter Your Bedroom in a Day?

How to Declutter Your Bedrooms in a Day? | City of Creative Dreams


Is your sleep zone feel like a storage area? Let’s fix that by decluttering your bedroom. How do you declutter your bedroom in a day? Using simple actions and being very practical when going through your things will help you get a decluttered bedroom. Bedrooms are supposed to your place to relax and unwind. With too much mess around, it can cause you to feel stressed and overwhelmed. That is not something you need when you just had a long day at work or a long day being a busy parent. Being surround that doesn’t make anyone feel good.Not to mention it also takes up your time and energy to find the simplest things. Your time to choose an outfit can be cut down in half if you lose a few more clothes that you don’t use. Not only will you save yourself from the explosion of dresser drawers and jungle of clothes in your closet but you will provide a calm, peaceful environment.



How to Declutter Your Bedrooms in a Day? | City of Creative Dreams

Say goodbye to that dreadful overflowing closet. Stop trying to cram more hangers inside and definitely stop trying to use your body weight to try to close the door. We all know that when that door opens everything is just going to timber out. So what can you do? Where do you start? There are easy ways for you to be able to close the door of your closet without having to break walls down.

Let’s talk about your clothes, shall we? For clothes lovers, this may be hard but you can do this. Think of all the clothes you could be getting if only you had more room. Go through your clothing and remove any clothing that is worn out, that has a stain that cant be removed or has a hole. Those can go! For the reasons that I just mentioned, those clothing can’t be donated. However, there is one place that will consider it. Places such as Forever 24 will take those and in return give your credit to but something in their store.

Clothes that are too big, too small, a freebie that you received but never wore can be donated. If you have clothes that you got as a gift and just don’t like because it was a bad gift or because your style taste has changed that can also be donated. Get rid of old broken hangers and mittens that don’t have a pair. Donate shoes, scarves, old wallets and purses that you no longer use or wear because someone else will love to give use to them. Why let something collect dust in your closet and have it take up the room when it doesn’t need too.



How to Declutter Your Bedrooms in a Day? | City of Creative Dreams

If you dresser drawers can’t close then I would have to say it is time for you to go through your drawers. Have a look through your socks, underwear, and stockings. Don’t keep them if they have holes, runs, stretches or tears. We all go through a “this is my favorite…” phrase that we can’t possibly live without but you can! As much as they may be your favorite sock, they have lived a fabulous life. So fabulous that you have wore it way too much to the point that they are tired out and worn out. It’s time for them to retire.

As for the never been used pile and no interested in using them pile give them away and let others wear it. Also, think about ones you don’t like because it may feel scratchy or too tight or just doesn’t look nice at all. Those can be donated too. Decide on jeans you actually wear and sweaters that are in great condition If you can’t live without and you still use them then keep it however if the answer is no then toss them in the donation pile. The main point is to take out the ones that you don’t need and keep the ones you actually wear. Not the ones you are planning to wear sometime.


Night Stand/ Other Surfaces

How to Declutter Your Bedrooms in a Day? | City of Creative Dreams

Think about what is on the top of your dresser or nightstand. Are there way too many things? Papers that don’t need to be there? Jewelry overload? Nightstands should have the least amount of things. It should have an alarm clock, photo, phone charger station, lamp and/plant. If you have all your jewelry on your nightstand you may want to consider having it in another location. Go through your jewelry. Just like the clothing make sure that you donate ones you don’t wear or don’t like. You can also consider selling it to a pawn shop for money if its real gold or silver. Be sure to get rid of jewelry that are broken, rusted, or in need of a repair.

There is no space for the unnecessary items. Get rid of extra shoelaces or buttons that you don’t need. Most cases you don’t actually need these things. If you really think you do then keep it in your sewing bag. We all have or have received knickknacks that we get from friends or family or we bought from your travels. Keep only the ones that are sentimental on a bookshelf or shelf. You don’t need everything. If you going through kids bedrooms, follow the same system when going through their toys and clothes.


It really makes a difference when you declutter your bedroom. Now you can sleep with ease, get out the door relatively on time and actually find the clothes you want to wear faster. Yes, you can do this in a day when you set the time, make the hard decisions fast and be practical. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of keeping everything under the same. Make room for new things by getting rid of the old.

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