What You Should Know Before You Book Your Videographer

What You Should Know Before You Book Your Videographer | City of Creative Dreams


Weddings are always full of emotions, drama, tears, laughter and a whole lot of love. We capture those moments in our memories forever, and we try to hold onto them as dearly as we can. There is only so much we can remember, and that is why we tend – especially today – to capture all of those moments in photographs and videos. Wedding photography has been a sort of a “must have” in the past several years. These days, wedding videos have gained in popularity and it’s no wonder why. A photograph can only capture so much, but a video can really let you relive those special moments over and over again. So, how do you choose the perfect videographer for your wedding?


Know what you want

There are a lot of steps to your wedding day, and you have to decide which of those you want to have captured on film. From getting ready in the morning with the bridesmaids and groomsmen to the ceremony, all the way to the afterparty and the grand exit – they are all very special moments. If you want to capture them all, that means you will have to hire an entire crew that will be there from the morning till nightfall. That will cost you quite a bit of money. So consider your budget. How much of it you want to spend on the video? Now decide which parts of the day are the most important to you. You might even want to include some parts of the rehearsals since they can be full of wholehearted emotional moments.
What You Should Know Before You Book Your Videographer | City of Creative Dreams

Study their portfolio

As with any art, you want to see proof of their work before giving them the oh-so-important task. So ask to see a portfolio of the actual weddings they have filmed. You can even ask to get in contact with the couples they have worked with in the past. Look for something that doesn’t just stand out as the most beautiful, but something that you can really imagine yourself and your wedding in. If they have done mostly outdoor films, then perhaps they’re not suited to film your small, indoor ceremony. Find the best match for what you have planned for your wedding. Ask around and look online for reviews of their work and recommendations.


Make sure they are easy to work with

A videographer, same as a photographer, has one job: to get the best possible moments on film, without being seen. You want someone who cares about you having your perfect moments uninterrupted. You want to make sure they are willing to work both with you and the other people doing a similar job. Which is why it’s often thought to be the best idea to hire teams that are used to working together. For my wedding, I found the best Sydney wedding videographer who had a style I loved and was a joy to work with, getting along with us and the entire crew that made our wedding possible.


What You Should Know Before You Book Your Videographer | City of Creative Dreams


Those videos are something you will sit and watch with your grandchildren, years down the line, so they are definitely a worthwhile investment. Remember that you are not going to care one bit about that lock of hair out of place or the off-center tie. You will be listening to the laughter, the vows, and the music. Remembering the first dance and the taste of the wedding cake. The video shouldn’t be a replica of something you’ve seen online or a distorted image of the day. It should be a collection of memories & tailored just for you.


Guest post by Georgia Selih.
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