Starting a Dream Life? – Where Do I Begin?

You want your dream life but don’t know where to start? How do I do this? How is this going to go? When should I start? How should I start? And on top of that, how can I do this affordably? I don’t know what to do to get there! Help! Whether you stumbled on this site of mine because you want to have a better lifestyle in terms of having a dream home or a dream wedding or dream natural lifestyle it all points to your dreams. That’s it. You are already starting just by having the desire to get there. So now let’s get to the next step.

January is the time when everyone desires to get their goals straight. You want to lose weight or get better budgeting routines to get your dream home or dream wedding. There are some of you who have the desire to make better choices in your lifestyle and get on the wonderful health boosting trend to have a more natural lifestyle. Skip the chemicals and use raw natural ingredients in your life. Those are all fantastic goals and dreams!

Identifying your Dreams?

Ask yourself: what is my dream? Is your dream to have a dream home but you are living in an apartment building. Maybe you want to try something new this year like a new hobby such as dance lessons, cooking lessons, driving lessons or even simply going to a concert you have always wanted to go to. Or maybe you have just gotten engaged and you desire to have a dream wedding like most brides do at this time or maybe you been there and done that so you simply want a more natural lifestyle. Great! No dream is too big or too small. It is all about the journey to get there.

Write down every dream you have even if it feels dumb or not even possible. Write it all down or type it into your phone’s notepad if that is better for you. However, writing it down and having it somewhere you can see all the time such as a fridge or office board really gets you visualizing your dream and keeps the fire alive. Set aside 15 minutes or even 5 minutes of your time and dig deep. What do you want to do? Want to do you want to accomplish? What have you always wanted to do?

Personally, I decided to write down every dream I have right here on my site and even taken the liberty to share a post about it when I check one off my list. For me, that brings an extra push to keep me going.


Push the Excuses

So, what is stopping you? Time? Money? Life being busy? Is timing not right? I heard it all. Yeah, I know these are things being said because I said it myself. I used these excuses because I felt that it was true. Even, I doubted myself ever getting to at least one dream. You want a dream home but just do not have the money to do so. True but should that stop you? You don’t have money for a wedding but should that stop you from trying for a more affordable version of that dream. Push through the excuses because you can do it. It may not be exactly what you wanted but it’s still your dream.

Even though I am a young parent whose life is pretty busy and I for sure do not have all the money in the world. I know that you probably feel the same. Those are things that defiantly pauses dreams. Notice that I didn’t say stops dreams. There is a reason for that, your dream is paused now but you are going to get there somehow and in some way. Which brings me to our next step.


Honing in your Dreams

Prioritise your goals and dreams. Decide on your big dreams and your small dreams. There is no limit to the dreams you want to go for. It is all in the matter of how you prioritize it. There are two types of people, the ones who plan and the ones who don’t plan. Figure out which one you are. Do do you like knowing that you have a goal that you want to achieve this month? or do you like to be spontaneous? Your dreams can completely be affected if you don’t have some sort of plan. Lucky for you regardless of which type you are there dreams still requires some sort of planning as plans can be a pain. Even spontaneous ones have to figure out where to do this dream even though the idea may have just popped into their heads.

You can take a few at a time that you want to do this month or this year and map out when you want it to be done at. This a great way to break down your dreams or goal into smaller accomplishes to get it done. You won’t see your list so daunting when it is cut down smaller. For me, I am a little of both, I have my dreams mapped but I am a little spontaneous when I happen to find a great dream on something I wanted to do anyway on sale.

So did you finished honing in your dreams? Alright, let’s get to the next part.

Affordable Solutions to Get There

Are you catching what I am sending? Don’t think your dreams are far-fetched because sometimes your dream could be staring are you in the face just not in the path you have expected. How is it a dream if you have to change it? Don’t think about it as a huge change or rephrased burden or even a cop out to what you want because it is not. Why sit there and feel defeated that you can’t get your ultimate dream home, your ultimate wedding or do everything imaginable to have a natural lifestyle? What good does dwelling on things you can’t grasp right this minute? None. It doesn’t feel good. Nor does it make you want to fight to get it. In most cases, it makes you give up. Let’s not do that and let’s keep your dreams alive.

You want a home, right? How about making your home that you are in right now your dream home. What do I mean? Any space can be transformed regardless if you own it or rent it. With simple decluttering, organizing, DIY crafts, IKEA hacks and furniture placements your home can be your dream home. It’s okay if it is a temporary dream home. You just have to be creative by creating your dream home. You may not be able to create a pool on the balcony but you can create a killer relaxing balcony.  Something as simple as wallpaper, paint and hardware swaps make a huge difference to a space.

How about a dream wedding? There are ways to get your dream wedding at a more affordable price range. With simple tips and tricks, such as cutting the budget on things you don’t necessarily care too much about and transferring your money to the more important things of your wedding can help a great deal. Just because you don’t have all the bells and whistles doesn’t mean you can’t re-path your dream in a more affordable direction.


Keep Going

My last advice is to not give up. Giving up only makes us feel bad. It doesn’t really fuel us up or encourages us but to keep going no matter what is really the fire. It really helps us to hold on to hope and that is what everyone needs. The hope and desire to keep going. We all desire dreams and goals. Don’t let your current circumstances be the one to hold you back because it doesn’t need to be. It is all in the power of you. You are the sole that gets to carry this journey. Also, you are the one who gets to experience life and collect all the memories. You gain the satisfaction of getting to your goals and dreams. It will feel like a refreshing cold drink on a hot day.

Remember that you control this path. It is all on you to get there. Use the simple steps above to power through. If you need a little inspiration to get there then I am all here for you. Just in case you forgot, I am just like you. We may not look the same. We may not have gone through the same things or are going through the same things right this minute. However, we share a common goal. We want to achieve our dreams someway and somehow without breaking the bank. Without feeling bad for putting ourselves first for once.


Are you still with me? Was that inspiration overload? It brings me great joy to inspire you to get up and chase your dreams. Don’t look at it any other way but to get to where you deserve. I am not talking nonsense. At least I hope you don’t think I am. I am being real. You can get to your dreams. I may not know how to get to every dream of yours but I sure can try with the thing I do know about such as home decor, wedding, and natural lifestyle. If those are what you are after or you just want to see my dreams getting accomplished then, by all means, join in. Have some fun and let’s inspire each other to go after our dreams.

No dream is too big or too small. There is no age limit and no excuses. Let’s go create our path, map out our dreams and live our dream life affordably.


Did you really think that is all? Of course not! Go on and explore I’d love to share more with you, check out my about page! I hope you have some time, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment to say how much you enjoyed my post or even say hi. Follow me on TwitterFacebookGoogle+PinterestInstagram page or even subscribe.  Have a wonderfully creative week!


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