How to Create the Ultimate Cozy Bed for Winter?

How to Create the Ultimate Cozy Bed for Winter? | City of Creative Dreams

When you think about winter and winter décor for your bedroom, you think comfort. You want to curl up and be warm because outside has snow and snowflakes falling and twirling down. Yup, it is cold out there which means you want nothing more than to be warm at home especially warm in your bed. Of course, you can grab yourself an interior designer and have them really design your space into a luxury dream. For those who want to dive into some creativity and get their hands dirty then you are going to need a guide. What is essential for an ultimate cozy bed for winter? I can think of a few things. Today I am going to share with you must have that you need in order to have the ultimate cozy bed.

Blankets 101

How to Create the Ultimate Cozy Bed for Winter? | City of Creative Dreams

Alright let’s admit it, a bed is not a bed without a blanket. People love saying that there is never too many blankets. However, if you can no longer see your bed then I think you have entered the too much blanket zone. There is a very clever way to have many blankets without your bed looking like it was lost in the back of a retail store. There is the layered look where you have your sheets and comfortable but also have a throw blanket at the end of your bed. You can add up to three if you like however make sure to set the color theme and/or textures. Big fluffy crochet blankets and faux-fur throws are so in right now!

Duvets are my favorite type of blankets because you can switch it up as many times as you want. Unlike a throw blanket, comforter takes up more space the more designs and prints you desire. However, with duvets, not only do you get that desire of prints and styles you want but you also get the added bonus of it not taking up too much space in your linen closet. This is great for anyone who lives in a smaller home and just do not have space and also dorm rooms.


What do I know about sheets? Well, I know that we need them on the bed and that some sheets are better than others. A while back I joined in a discussion regarding bed sheets with Wayfair. You can check it out along with their Ultimate Bed Sheet Guide. Basically, I think that bed sheets depend on the person. Some people like to spend a ton of money because they believe that is will be better quality on it, however, if you do the right research you can get great quality for less. You can get sheets from places such as IKEA or outlet bedding stores. I like to go to well-known companies that I naturally trust the quality of their products.

Pillow Pile


How to Create the Ultimate Cozy Bed for Winter? | City of Creative Dreams

Don’t you want to sleep on something stylishly, fluffy and comfortable? I have to say it because I feel that the more pillows the better. You honestly can’t go wrong with having a million pillows on your bed. There are so many to choose from that makes your style completely and utterly yours. I love sparkly ones, textured ones, ones with patterns, solid colored ones and the brilliant ones with positive/ inspirational words on it. With all the sizes and style you really have many options. Point blank, pillows are awesome. You no longer have to only use the pillowcases that match your bedding. I use silk pillowcases for my head and go wild with throw pillows.

You can have so much fun with your pillows these days that keeps your bed fresh in style at all times. If you really want to get crafty and create your own pillows you can use take new bathmats and transform them into pillowcases for small toss pillows. If you ask me, I rather the faux fur version of this idea. I feel that not every bath mat can be a pillow but hey, I also filled plastic bags into a pillowcase for décor. It is all about the creativity.

Headboard Padding

How to Create the Ultimate Cozy Bed for Winter? | City of Creative Dreams

You may think this is a little crazy but it is true. Fabric = curl up and read vibes. Truffle headboard or even simple fabric headboards bring comfort to a bed. Maybe it is the dimple-like style that reminds you of a massive pillow but it sure brings in a warm feeling. Harder headboard doesn’t bring in that feeling compared to a fabric so if you want to bring your headboard to that luxury feeling then look no further than Pinterest. There are many ways to take your headboard right now and give it a makeover.


There is something about a canopy that just makes a bed feel comfortable. Not only does it feel like you have checked into a luxury hotel but it looks that way too. It is like have the ultimate tent around you that kids envy. People love that tent-like feeling when they are going to bed. It gives them that safe feeling as well as comfort. I personally don’t have one, however, since we are talking about essential, I believe the ultimate comfortable beds need this as a bonus. Many people these days take their canopy up a notch by adding fairy lights to it for a little sparkle. You can also add it to the top of your bed from ceiling or rim of your bed frame.

Layered Rugs


How to Create the Ultimate Cozy Bed for Winter? | City of Creative Dreams

One thing that I have noticed in décor is the layered rug style. It is usually your rug paired with a more fluffy rug like a faux-fur rug right at the spot of your bed where your feet land. So every time you wake up or go to bed you have a little burst of comfort under your feet. It keeps your stylishly warm. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to something soft and fluffy under their feet? I know I would!

Bedside Lamp


How to Create the Ultimate Cozy Bed for Winter? | City of Creative Dreams

If fairy lights are not your thing then a bedside table is always the classic go-to for any bedroom. I know that this doesn’t go on top of the bed however it sure brings added warmth to your bedroom and is the added piece of comfort that is paired with any bed. So what is your style, do you want a traditional lamp, something with a pop of color or something outside of the box such as a Himalayan lamp? The possibilities with lamps are endless, it is all about your style then add a warm light bulb to really set the mood.

Ultimate Cozy Bed for Winter Mood Board

You are probably saying stop talking about all this comfort, I want to see it! So, that is why I put together a style board design. I was so inspired by the creative, stylish boards that I saw on Havenly. They have some fantastic ideas to get your home looking its best and I wanted to create my own style board for this article occasion. Plus who doesn’t love a mood board?

How to Create the Ultimate Cozy Bed for Winter? | City of Creative Dreams

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Final Words


How to Create the Ultimate Cozy Bed for Winter? | City of Creative Dreams

We talked about all the essentials you need for an ultimate cozy bed for winter. Blankets, pillows, sheets! We also talked about other options to bring that comforter factor even higher with canopies, padded headboards, layered rugs and bedside lamps. My favorite was the pillows. Man do I love pillows. Do you already have all these things? That is fabulous! You are right on track without even knowing it. If you don’t have all these things then don’t sweat it, you can add any one or two of the suggestions above. The number one rule of thumb for me for any décor advice is to make is personable (aka completely 100% you). Once you do that, you make any space in your home comfortable. If you want more inspiration check out my bedroom reveal here.


Did you really think that is all? Of course not! Go on and explore I’d love to share more with you, check out my about page! I hope you have some time, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment to say how much you enjoyed my post or even say hi. Follow me on TwitterFacebookGoogle+PinterestInstagram page or even subscribe.  Have a wonderfully creative week!


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  1. Great ideas! I love pillows on my bed for decorations. One thing we still need is a headboard. We switch to a king bed couple years ago. Love the size of the bed and the mattress is so comfortable. I get way better sleep than on the old mattress.

    1. Shanice Bannis says: Reply

      Thank you, Julie! I love pillows too!

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