3 DIY Winter Liners To Keep You Warm This Season

3 DIY Winter Liners To Keep You Warm This Season | City of Creative Dreams

The winter season is fast approaching and for some parts of the country, it’s already rearing it’s frigid and snowy head. Cold weather can roll in so suddenly that you may not have had time to go winter clothes shopping yet. A thin windbreaker isn’t going to keep hypothermia away in near-freezing temperatures. This is where a winter liner would come in handy. Turn your autumn clothing into winter clothing by utilizing some of these DIY winter liner ideas.

1. Fabric Liners

3 DIY Winter Liners To Keep You Warm This Season | City of Creative Dreams

We all have that really cute jacket that’s perfect for the mild autumn weather, but as soon as a strong chill blows through, that cute jacket is back in the closet while we pull out our insulated heavy coat. There is a way to alter your jacket to weatherize it for the colder weather so that you can wear it more often. A removable DIY jacket liner would be a creative way to repurpose your lighter jackets for the colder weather while not altering them permanently.

The steps to alter your jacket can be a bit time-consuming, but it’s the perfect project to keep you busy during a day inside. The steps are also fairly straight-forward. The alterations require some thread, buttons, a thick fabric to act as your jacket liner (fleece fabric is preferable as an insulation liner), scissors, pins, a marker, and old newspaper. Follow these instructions for crafting a removable jacket liner and soon you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite jacket even on the colder days.

2. Insulation Liners

3 DIY Winter Liners To Keep You Warm This Season | City of Creative Dreams

Sometimes you want a liner for your clothing, but adding another layer of fabric beneath your clothes would just make the clothing too bulky and unflattering. Should you run into this issue, perhaps adding a thin inner lining of insulation fabric fibers instead. This would reduce any bulging that could occur, provide a layer of warmth, and help keep your clothes flattering for your shape.

Insulation liners can be made of either synthetic fabrics or eco-friendly fabrics such as soy silk and lamb’s wool. Soy silk has a softer texture while the lamb’s wool might irritate sensitive skin and become itchy. If you decide to go with a synthetic fiber, Thinsulate and Primaloft are the two most popular types. Thinsulate are woven fibers that are washable and come in varying degrees of thickness. Primaloft helps to retain heat, is breathable, and is water repellent.

An insulation liner will require more sewing work than with a removable fabric liner. You will have to draw out a pattern of your blouse or jacket, cut out portions of the insulation liner to match the patterns, and sew the liner into the inside of your jacket or blouse. This type of liner is best for those who have moderate knowledge of sewing or of sewing machines.

3. Boot Liners

3 DIY Winter Liners To Keep You Warm This Season | City of Creative Dreams

While boots are designed to keep your feet dry, they aren’t really the best at keeping your feet warm. Some winter boots do come with a thin layer of insulation, but it’s often not enough. The cold will seep in through your boots, through your socks, and chill your toes to numbness. The best way to fight off the winter chill on your toes is to sew yourself a cute pair of boot liners.

The great thing about DIY boot liners is that you can choose your own fabric type, color, and design. You’ll also be able to craft the boot liners to fit the size of your feet precisely instead of relying on a premade liner that may be a little too small or a little too big. Simply follow any of these boot liner patterns to be well on your way to creating a warm, fashionable, and unique collection of perfectly-fitting boot liners to keep your feet warm this winter.

While you’re upgrading your autumn clothes, don’t neglect to weatherize your pants. Some pants are unable to be weatherized due to the naturally tight fit they’re designed to have, but you can always wear a pair of leggings beneath a pair of jeans to help retain your body heat.


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