How to Detox Your Skin and Start the Year Fresh

How to Detox Your Skin and Start the Year Fresh | City of Creative Dreams

You probably already know it, but here we are, to provide a friendly reminder and give you that encouraging nudge in the right direction. The holiday season is officially over, but the skincare festivities are just beginning. Your skin has been good to you, it has endured tons of food, drinks, glitter-overload in the makeup department, so it’s high time you give something back to it. Detox is definitely the right term to use, because we’re about to take you on a cleansing journey that starts from within, moves on outwards and the final destination is skin so truly healthy, thoroughly cleansed and ready to shine like never before.

January 1st has come and gone, so this is the last call for the detox train – make sure you’re on it! This is a, one skincare week with long-term benefits, so let’s get right to it.

Show you mean business

How to Detox Your Skin and Start the Year Fresh | City of Creative Dreams


If you want to make a real commitment to your skin, you have to be completely aware of the fact that diet and lifestyle have a major impact on the appearance and condition of your precious face along with the rest of your body. According to both homeopathic and ayurvedic teaching, there is a strong connection between the gut and skin, and processed, sugary foods aren’t doing your gut flora any favors.

 Aside from plain yogurt, which is loaded with probiotics, you should stay away from dairy during your detox. Other foods that are on the no-list include anything fried. The foods that should be on the menu are superfoods – avocado, almonds, alkaline-rich fruits and veggies like pears, broccoli, kale, watermelon, bananas along with all types of berries you can get your hands on, and of course – lemons. All of these foods are amazing smoothie candidates, so you have breakfast covered. Veggies are here for you when it comes to lunch, and it won’t be even difficult to prepare the meals, (which means no excuses) and you can definitely go through this detox without renouncing great flavor.


Drink up

How to Detox Your Skin and Start the Year Fresh | City of Creative Dreams

While there is no evidence that abundant hydration can help your skin recover in a week’s notice, there is plenty of evidence to corroborate the assumption that water does wonders for the skin if the intake is sufficient and consistent. Water intake won’t provide a quick band-aid solution to skin problems or help detox if you don’t stick with it.
So, now you know – for a healthy body, better metabolism and subsequently nourished and plump skin – eight glasses of water (more if you’re active) every day. This should be a New Year’s resolution that you should keep all year long. 

Mixing business with pleasure 

How to Detox Your Skin and Start the Year Fresh | City of Creative Dreams
There is nothing more soothing and pampering than getting a massage and a facial, so once you’ve done starting the year on a healthy note diet-wise, make an appointment with your go-to spa or dermatologist to get a clear canvas. This is highly important because not only are these treatments great for relaxation and stress-relief but they’re also the essential preparatory step towards toxin-free skin. Your pores will be unclogged, blood circulation to the face improved, and after that, you’ll be ready to take matters into your own hands. 

A commitment to cleanliness 

How to Detox Your Skin and Start the Year Fresh | City of Creative Dreams
A gentle cleanser should be your year-round go-to product, but its role is even more crucial during a detox. Cleansing should be absolutely mandatory in both morning and evening. Oil and foam cleansers are Holy Grails for dry skin as they provide nourishment aside from thorough cleaning while water-based ones are more suitable for oily and combination skin. 

If you build it, it will come

How to Detox Your Skin and Start the Year Fresh | City of Creative Dreams

In order to reap the benefits of the facial for longer, create your own home spa – for the face at least. Steaming is one of the absolute best ways to open to pores and remove as much grime as possible. You don’t need anything apart from a pot of boiled hot water and a nice clean towel. Drape the towel over your head and hover over the pot for a good ten minutes. You will see how amazing the skin will feel afterward.
While you’re already in the ‘home-spa mood’, give your body a good dry brushing, put a hair sheet mask on, and even give your nails a boost. Give yourself a manicure – clean them, add a nail-growth serum and top things off with a great, cruelty-free and vegan nail polish. After all, nails are also an important part of the body and they’ve earned some pampering as well. 

Call upon trusty allies 

How to Detox Your Skin and Start the Year Fresh | City of Creative Dreams
Detox and masks are a match made in heaven, and in this case, clay masks are the secret weapon you need to call upon. Thanks to its super-absorbing properties, the Bentonite-based clay mask is able to absorb and remove all the impurities that have built up on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, Kaolin clay ones are better suited as they are gentler but no less powerful.

 The power of three 

How to Detox Your Skin and Start the Year Fresh | City of Creative Dreams

Once you’ve given it your all in the cleansing department, it’s time to nourish and seal the deal. The first ‘weapon of choice’ should unquestionably be a great skin serum as these products contain a higher concentration of active ingredients than any other product out there – they brighten the skin, restore moisture, fight signs of aging, the works. A hydrating sheet mask is here as an additional, but at this time crucial player as you will need all the hydration you can get. 
The final step – lock in moisture with a deeply nourishing face cream, preferably one that contains a high SPF. Try to remember these lessons, and give your skin a much-needed boost every now and then. 



Contributed courtesy of Sophia Smith.
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