Modernizing Your Home for Impact and Comfort

Modernizing Your Home for Impact and Comfort | City of Creative Dreams
Your home is starting to look a little dated, and you want to make some modern changes to the decor. Or you may wish to completely change over the entire house to a modern motif. Some simple steps to get started on this creative project could include the following changes in the: 


Modernizing Your Home for Impact and Comfort | City of Creative Dreams


One of the very best methods of modernizing your home is to replace the lighting throughout your home. Remove all of those colonial lamps, French provincial chandeliers, and traditional wall sconces. Replace with cutting-edge, unique modern lighting that will bring an entirely new look – and better light – to your surroundings. And don’t forget to include your entrance lighting as well. You want this transition to be complete and eye-catching throughout the entire interior and exterior of the house.  


Modernizing Your Home for Impact and Comfort | City of Creative Dreams


Another great category that you can start your transitions in is art. Replace all of your old, stuffy 19th-century art reproductions with sleek, bold modern oils and watercolors. Modern posters can also be used for a truly original look. And don’t forget to add interesting sculptures to the various areas of your home.  


Modernizing Your Home for Impact and Comfort | City of Creative Dreams


One of the most impactful aspects that may need to be changed in your home is the colors used in the decor. Fall and pastel colors will need to be replaced by neutral tones to make all your new additions really pop. For example, bright white or pale gray walls will provide a backdrop for almost anything you wish to add or replace in the various rooms. Add subtle touches of bright colors in the accessories and art.  


Modernizing Your Home for Impact and Comfort | City of Creative Dreams


Replace all of those ruffled pillows with geometric-patterned alternates. Add chunky candles, trendy coffee table books, and bold picture frames to your bedroom and living room decor. Fill empty corners with exotic plants in trendy new pots. Clutter on tabletops and on walls will have to disappear, as you are seeking a clean, streamlined decor that is easy to maintain.  

Architectural Details 

Some of your architectural details will definitely have to go. Those Roman columns can be replaced with more modern alternates. The intricate flowery carving around your fireplace will need to be replaced by simpler, straighter lines. Add distinct and modern glass wine cellar doors to make this basement retreat more inviting. Carry your design elements over into the wine racks and refrigeration components needed in this area.  


Window Coverings 

Modernizing Your Home for Impact and Comfort | City of Creative Dreams


Those chintz curtains in your kitchen will just have to go. Replace them with sleek, functional blinds that reflect the rest of your decor. Heavy draperies in your living areas and lace curtains in your bedrooms should also be replaced with simpler designs such as roller shades or fabric panels. Remember, you are striving for simplicity and clean, straight edges.  


Furniture is the biggest investment you will make in your transition. Those overstuffed sofas and deep leather couches will need to be exchanged for sectionals or simplistic couches. The antique coffee table will have to be relegated to the attic so you can add a light wood, glass-topped, or acrylic replacement. You are seeking strong shapes in your furniture selections that will stand out but still be comfortable and be inviting.  

As you can see, you can make small, modern changes in your residence or you have the option to make larger adjustments with furniture and architectural elements. You can do everything at once or you can make small changes over a period of time. The eclectic look may even be what you are after so a mixture of modern and traditional will work for you. Whatever the case, adding modern touches throughout your home will give it an updated and refreshed decor that your whole family will love. 


Contributed courtesy of Mia Morales.
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  1. I love modern decor in my home. I have several different spheres that are edgy and modern in black and gold. I love the overall shape of them and I have two of each of them in two different sizes.

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      That sounds great, Julie!

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