Clean and Disinfect Your Granite Countertops the Natural Way

Whether you’re looking to replace all the chemical cleaners in your home with natural alternatives, or you’re just looking to keep your granite countertops in great shape, using a natural granite cleaner is a great idea. Here’s a little information on how–and why–you should clean and disinfect your granite countertops ‘the natural way.’ Why you […]

Four Regular Kitchen Items That Clean Your Wood Cutting Board Naturally

  Let’s face it. Wood cutting boards are incredibly beautiful and useful items in the kitchen, but they can be a real pain to clean. If only it were as easy as putting them in the dishwasher like you can with plastic boards! While it does take a little extra work, cleaning your wooden boards […]

4 Hassle Free Tips to Get You Cleaning Happy

With Spring cleaning soon approaching us, I thought I would lend you a virtual helping hand. As much as I would love to help clean all my readers homes, I just don’t have that kind of air miles, however, we can all agree that we want to have as much less stress as possible when […]