Ahh… Not Chores

The kids sigh but parents love the help. On rare cases some kids do get excited to clean up… I am yet to see that. I wanted to show you my new chore list that I made for my siblings. The little things really help in the end. There is no harm to have your kids help around the house, cleaning up after themselves will not only help them but help you. One less thing on your mind. Yes at the end of the day you may still have to clean up after them but at least you are giving them a head start.

Apply jobs by age. Let the little kids do little jobs and the big kids do big jobs. Simple. Do not overpower your little ones with too big of jobs, it will only cause them to be annoyed and discourage. For example, don’t have a 5 year old carry a heavy garbage bag down the sidewalk to the garbage. Crazy? Yes but you see my point. You will end up with more things to do like taking all your garbage off your sidewalk.

Start small. Help them see the importance of cleaning up toys when they are done, let them fold their clothes or put them in their drawers. Even let them make up their beds or put their plate in the sink. Its little helpful things that they can do. You don’t have to pick up everything for them.

Make it fun. They are kids, not everything has to be so serious. Put on their favorite kid songs on from their iPod or if you have CDs still. How about making putting stuff animals away it into a stuff animal basketball tournament. Get creative. Cleaning doesn’t have to be all black or white. Liven it up!

Be patient. Yes they may put things in the wrong spots sometimes but remember they are just kids and they are trying to help. In time, toys will end up in the right toy box eventually.

kids chore printable

And finally make a kids chore schedule chart. I decided to make mine match the kids schedule that I did last week. Images are always nice, that way it is fun and not boring looking.  It’s simply follow the same instructions for how I made the kid schedule. Laminate it and pin it in a place where everyone can see it. Show those neighbors that you got everything under control.

A schedule is a great way to show that everyone in the family is helping and not only the little one is cleaning the whole house. It shows that the family is a team and everything will get done with helping hands.

Well that is it for now. I can’t wait to share more with you tomorrow. I hope this can help you out with your family. Have a wonderful Monday and I mean it. We all know that Mondays are not the most favorable day.

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