Try These 7 Essential Oils To Relieve Arthritis-Related Pain

  The flexibility, mobility and overall wellbeing of joints in the human body plays a vital part in allowing a person to move freely without pain and other problematic symptoms. Unfortunately, some diseases can affect the joints and cause numerous symptoms to develop in these precious parts of the body. Arthritis, a term that refers […]

Useful Things to Know About Essential Oils – Spotlight: Copaiba

Let’s talk about copaiba essential oil! I use this oil personally when I have my lower back issues. I started having huge back pains after having my son and tried just about everything to solve the problem. Somethings worked and some took way too long to kick in but I wanted something natural and strong […]

Useful Things to Know About Essential Oils – Spotlight: Cedarwood

What is one of the top essential oil request from my family members? It would have to be cedarwood essential oil. That is why I thought about putting together useful things to know about essential oils article to spotlight cedarwood. When I tell someone about an oil they always like to ask me what is […]

Why I Started Using Essential Oils? + Get a Free Oil Sample!

Essential Oils! Have you noticed that everyone is using essential oils? I have seen it everywhere… bloggers, moms, and parents… oh my! So, what is so trendy about essential oils? What is making everyone want to talk about it? What is causing people to go bananas over oils and even jumping into a business with […]