Travel Potty Review

I knew when I saw this Thomas the Train folding Travel Potty product that I bought it from Walmart for $11.86 online, I was going need it every once in a while when I ever decide to leave the house more and my son would be in need of using the potty. Unfortunately that day still […]

Huggies Clutch

I am sure you have seen these Huggies Natural Care Clutch and Clean carrying case every where already or you may have own one or two or three. I, myself saw these carrying case and my reaction wasn’t all excitement. I think I said “Why does your wipes need a clutch?”… fast forward to now […]

0-9 Happily Colic Free

I talked about 0-9 allergy and teething medicine last time. As you may already know I was introduced to 0-9 when I was looking through the gifts that the hospital gives you when you are leaving the hospital from having your little bundle of joy and one of the gifts was their colic product and […]

Cute Baby Sunglasses

I bought these for my son at Dollarama for $2.00. I had to share them with you. It is so cute and very affordable. I saw one person create a version but I thought I would buy ones instead. As my son continues to grows I will have to create ones for him. I first […]