Tuesday, October 8, 2013

EntryWay Closets: Keeping It From Diasters

The entry way closet is one of the most busy areas in the house or home or apartment. Now after the herd of child finish stampeding though... your entry way looks like a crazy mess. I get it... I have seen it. Here are some tricks that I like to use to keep the entry way from looking like a complete disaster and more how you imagined it to look like.

Donate/ Give Away
Before starting anything you must go through you and your kid's coats, shoes and accessories. You don't want to be organizing items that are too small for you guys. Clear away all those items that do not fit your kids any more because it will only take up space that you need. You can donate to people who could use these items or if you know someone who have a younger child that can fit the items then offer it to them. Sharing is always caring!

We try to keep only the shoes for the season. For Winter, we will need only winter boots out but make sure you have your younger kid's indoor shoes either at school for them or in their backpacks. For Fall and Spring keep school running shoes and rain boots out. Summer, running shoes or sandals and rain boots are more needed. Now that you have only what you need out for the season. What do you do with the other shoes when they are not in season? Have shoe basket or storage where you can put all the shoes that are not needed until the next season. You don't need to put this shoe storage in the entry way closet because we are trying to declutter but if you have the room either on your top shelve or some where else then go for it.

entry way closetCoats
Do the same thing for coats that you did for the shoes. Keep only coats or sweaters that you use per season. For Winter, keep only your winter coat, snow pants and thick sweater out. The thick sweater can be used or place in kid's backpacks for class. For Fall and Spring keep light jackets, sweaters and raincoats out. And for Summer you can leave out light jackets or sweaters and raincoats out. The rest you can put into storage and before you go thinking it have to be huge bin, you can use those vacuum storage bags, especially perfect for those who do not have a ton of space in their home such as apartments. Another option to also keep the coats organized is having separate colours for family members and guests for example, black hangers for guests, white for mom, red for dad, pink for daughter and blue for son.

Purses, Bags and Backpacks.
For bags like purses only keep the ones you use often out.I use my wallet/phone carrier the most and baby bag so I barely ever use a purse any more. If you rotate your purses often then have them in your bedroom closet instead of the entry way closet... that way you can display it without having them in the way of other's space. Backpacks, I don't put backpacks in the entry way closet. We have a chalk board so my siblings backpack go under it. If you don't have a kid's space for them to do homework, you have have your kids put their backpacks in their room. However if you do have the space for backpacks in your entry way closet then have them up on the shelf when you have everything signed and homework completed. For younger kids, they wont be able to reach it so make sure they have all they need out of their backpacks first. Older kids usually take their backpacks or bags into their bedroom.

closet organizing

The way I like to store the seasonal accessories such as the mittens, hats, scarves and of course some extra gloves are using baskets. Everyone's entry closet are all different of course. You can used the small storage boxes or have individual boxes or baskets for each child. For what I did for my family, we have two baskets on the shelve in the closet: One for hats and one for gloves. It works for us. You don't have to put these items in storage if you don't want to. I don't because it doesn't take up any space and I don't want to lose any gloves or hats.

I hope this helps your entry way look a lot more organized and more decluttered. These ideas will help those parents who are busy and on the go, which is pretty much every day until they move out. Have a creative day!

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