What’s New In Store!

Boy am I happy that today is Friday! Although I am ready for it to be Thursday again. Why you may ask? Because I has an amazing night of Scandal. I am not talking about my own Scandal (which I have none) but for those who absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE ABC’s TV show Scandal, you can see why last night was the best. Fall is the best for new seasons of shows. Speaking about falling, I would love it if you would fall onto my new product at my store. Now I bet your not thinking “Oh but Shanice, what about those weekly reviews of all the projects you have done this week, that you normally do, that I don’t ever read?” My answer is in the question. You don’t need a weekly review… my pages has a list of it already.

Since my store has launch, I thought you would rather hear about new products in my store. However I am not going to list everything. I am only going to share three new products that is now available. If you couldn’t tell already that are cute and stylish pillows I designed for your home. That is not all though, there are more designs and products at my store and even some that I am still currently designing for you to purchase. If you loving what you see so far, what is the harm of checking out my store!

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