Make Money By Shopping and Score some Deals!

make money by shopping and deals

I am counting down the days until March Break, I normally call it Spring Break but with the snow on the ground, it looks nothing like spring and a lot like winter over here. I am loving the fact that this week is a short week because of the P.A Day on Friday and then next week is Spring Break. THANK YOU! I needed a well earned break. Forget going to the park, I am going to keep activities inside.

Yesterday I talked about the companies I like to use for coupons. Today I thought I would share with you the places I used to gain money from shopping. I think it is pretty cool to get paid to shop for things I would have shopped for anyway online. It is a win win I have to say. There are some site I have a little addictive to lately because the incredible deals.

Ebates has a ton of store to choose from, everything you can think about plus more. The best part about it, is that you basically just have to click onto their site, find the store you want to shop at and you get paid once your purchase goes through. I know you think to yourself ‘How can I remember to do that every time I want to shop?” I hear you, sometimes I forget too but when you remember and see that check that comes to your door. You are happy. You don’t have to be a regular online shopper either, the regular you are is the most money you get but there is no pressure to buy. The control is all in your hands.
Try for yourself now——>

Everyone has got to go to the grocery store at one point of the day, week or month. I came across Snap Saves, they put up products on their website and app of products you may happen to need to buy. If you did buy one of the products listed, take a picture of your receipt and upload it to gain money. It is that simply really! You are getting paid for buying a product bought for your home or self anyway! What I like about this site is that it is not only products or brands, you can also see bananas, kale or any fruit or vegetable that you buy for household daily or weekly.  If you had bought bananas then upload the receipt and earn money for it.

Try it for yourself now —–>

I haven’t gotten to use this one yet because I don’t have a iPhone cellphone and the Android version is not yet developed but it looks like it is in the process of being finished. If you got and iPhone then you can enjoy getting paid with this app. Cart Smart finds sales and deals for items on your grocery list.  Now you don’t need to clip coupons. Once you bought all that you need, you simply take a photo of your receipt and upload it to the app. I like that you can make a grocery list in the same store sections as your grocery store.

You can get yours here ——–>

Checkout 51 is the same as Snap Saves. If you had bought anything that they have listed on their website or app then you earn money for it once you upload your receipt. They have offers available to earn money until Wednesday at 11:59 PM. You can expect to see new offers and products every Thursday to earn even more money. Once you have reached at least $20.00 they will send you a pay cheque.

Check it out for yourself here ——->
One of my newest addictions is Buytopia, you don’t earn cash when you buy their things but you get more bank for your buck. There is countless of sales on this site so that you can benefit from. Brand name products, clothing, gadgets, jewellery, discounts of spas, theatre discounts, hotels and so much more. It also has Snap Saves in the Grocery Section. I love that the deals are targeted to where you live as well as nationwide deals. I just bought a cute Smartphone Clutch for me and my mom that originally would cost $40.00 for one but I only paid $17.00 for two. If you wanted just one then all you would have to pay was $9.00 plus shipping and tax!
Check out the latest sales and offers here ——->

Team Buy is similar to Buytopia. Here you can get local deals on activities, beauty and spa, entertainment, food and drinks, health and fitness, retail, services and local shops. Team buy also has apparel, electronics, health and beauty, home, jewellery, travel deals and discounts, takeout deals, flyers, coupons and cars. Yes, you read correctly, I said cars. You can get deals on your next purchase of a car here. TeamBuy has everything!

Check out sales and deals for yourself here —–>

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  1. I am signed up with ebates but I haven't tried using them yet. I think I even have an app on my phone for them. Totally going to look into it a little more after reading this.

    Thanks for linking up to Wordy Wednesday! 🙂

    1. You defiantly should especially if you order online, Might as well gain some money while you shop. Thank you Carrie for commenting and stopping by.

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