Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - New Wedding Registry Company! Are you yet? + GIVEAWAY

I have been excited to be share this new company called with you ever since I got the email about this company. This Zealand couple is so incredibly sweet. Kaylee Lim came to me in an email telling me about her story about her new, easy to use, online wedding registry website and app that she help create with her finance, Nathan Kot. a wedding registry website that lets couples add items from any online or physical store. It is customizable to suit different wedding themes and has Instagram integration.

Meet Kaylee Lim and her finance, Nathan Kot

Kaylee came up with this idea while planning her own upcoming wedding 
and made it her new engagement project. 

Now they would like to share their website and app with other couples.

There are three ways that you can add items to your registry:
  • From any online e-commerce store through the use of the Bookmarklet, which works on any web browser. 
  • Instagram Integration that allows new in-store gifts to be added by simply hashtagging #wedis from your linked Instagram account. 
  • iPhone app which allows you to take a photo of a product while you’re browsing. The app will geotag its exact location for the convenience of your guests.

 Completely be able to customize your wedding registry Page, Text Color, Background, Avatar and Picture

Manage the items that YOU want, complete with 
Picture, Name, Physical Location or URL, Price and Quantity.

Guest view of how your page will look like.  
Stop limiting you choices to a list of pre-determined and overpriced items. has built a platform that allows couples to build their wedding registry for ANYTHING THEY WANT!

Check out the app version as well. Now you can add your items why you are on the go.

This ultimate online wedding registry, and is available for only $19.00 . Correction, you can choose what you pay. Yup, I got word yesterday that Kaylee and Nathan are doing something crazy and have changed the price to "pay what you want" (with a $5 minimum charge to cover costs) Instead of having a $19 as the fixed price, you have say on what you pay! LOVE IT!  So worth the money because unlike other online registries, the price is completely transparent and couples ARE NOT charged based on the size of the registry or the amount of items that have been purchased. It’s also completely FREE TO TRY, (you know I like free) and you only pay when you are ready to publish. Fair right?

I love love love this idea and what it stands for. I only share with you all what I truly love and believe in. I think that this company is just fantastic to want to share such an awesome idea with other couples. Sharing is caring which brings me to another thing that is caring... a giveaway! Kaylee offered me coupons for you all, if you are interested, click this link ------> There is only a handful of them so hurry before it is all gone!

I wish you two all the best and an amazing wedding, Kaylee and Nathan!

Please share my new friend's wedding registry website and app. Share with everyone, all your family, friends and co-workers. Hey, even tell random strangers on the street and shout from the roof tops about this new website and app. Check out for yourself!

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