Any Store Wedding Registries

any store wedding registries

Now that the weather is getting warmer it means the brides and grooms will bloom for wedding season. Yes, I know that weddings are everyday, every month but most popular is on the warm days. Not too many brides want to be in the cold unless it is their theme or actually enjoy the snow. If that is the case then I am sure they enjoyed this long winter that we had. So with wedding season here, you might be considering creating a registry.

There is so many out there and I thought I would take the time to help you find the one that fits you. Now a days, couples want a simpler way to do their wedding registries and don’t want to just have to choose from one store. The times have change and they want variety to choose what they want instead of just the items at single brand stores. Why one store when you can choose from any store?

Here are some that I found the you can choose from:

Doesn’t matter where you live, what thousands of stores you like gives you the keys to creating the ultimate experience for you and your guest unlike any out there. Chose anything you want and add it to your list, it can be from a little local store, something online or huge brand stores. uses any online e-commerce store through the use of the Bookmarklet, which works on any web browser, Instagram Integration that allows new in-store gifts to be added by simply hashtagging #wedis from your linked Instagram account and their iPhone app which allows you to take a photo of a product while you’re browsing. Pay what you want and customise your page.The app will geotag its exact location for the convenience of your guests. More information about you can check out my Are you post.

My Registry. Instead of just one store, you can choose any item from any website worldwide to your wedding registry. They give you the option to sync your already made registry to their site. You can also register for cash gifts and send out ecards to announce your registry. On the go grab their app. You can sign up with email, Facebook or Google+.            

Wed&Wish is an online wedding and honeymoon registry. You register for any items or experiences you would like. When your wedding guests purchase the items on registry, your gifts get transferred as cash directly into your PayPal account. They also boast that they have lowest transaction fees, just remember that they PayPal does charge a fee for receiving as well as Wed & Wish charges a service fee to your guest they list the prices on their site.

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