Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Home Spring Cleaning List

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You might be wondering what is on my list for Spring Cleaning this year. I can say that Spring Cleaning has consumed my time away from the computer at times... which is why I haven't done a wedding post today but I am here!

So far I got some of the kitchen done like the kitchen drawers, under the sink area and pantry. I still got some more to do in the kitchen and the living room area.

 My mom tackled the hallway and bathroom with sweeping and moping. While I over the weekend tacked the bathroom's shelve I share that, you can check it out again - Spring Cleaning Bathroom Organizing Progress

For the bedrooms, my mom and I took on the long process of going through the kid's clothes to pack up all the ones that no longer fit them into a garbage bag for donating. So far we finish all three kid's dresser drawers. I did their closet shelve, now all the blankets are in cloth storage boxes. I will show you that later. Last night, my mom stayed up late to tackled the balcony all by herself, normally I do it but for some reason, I knocked out and work up to my laptop still on my bed and my TV on. (I feel bad for that )

Lastly the van, my mom already brought it to the car wash and now it is just the inside that needs a good vacuum and some decluttering. I have noticed that cars are so easy to get dirty and have things left behind a lot. Fear, not van I shall be there with a vacuum and a bag of garbage. If you want your own copy of this neat printable and want to see more about it check out - Spring Cleaning List Printable.

For more home cleaning tips to help you along your home cleaning journey this spring cleaning, check out this article: Pro Tips on How to Clean Your Home the Right way.

Well, I am off to finish some more work. I hope you have some time, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment to say how much you enjoyed my post or even say hi, follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page or even subscribe. I will do the same! Have a wonderfully creative day!

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