Monday, December 21, 2015

Warm & Stylish Winter Outfit

winter fashion outfit

Outside is getting colder. December's snow may be getting off at an off start with the lack of snow on the ground, but that doesn't mean that it is not coming. I am enjoying the fact that there is no snow personally (not everyone would agree). There is only one thing really that I don't like about winter is that it is cold. I could deal with the snow now (mostly because I no longer have to push a stroller through it anymore) however I don't like being extremely cold... says the person who was born and raised in Canada.

To help me out in that department, I searched for some stylish yet most importantly warm items to put together this warm and stylish winter outfit.

Winter Coats - I have been eyeing this jacket for a while now. I love the style and design of it plus it looks cozy. When looking for a winter coat I look for three key things: water resistance, wind resistance and Canada winter resistance. If my winter coat can do all that while keeping me stylish then it is the perfect winter coat. I also prefer longer style winter coats since I do a lot of walking and it keeps some of my legs sheltered from those gusty winds. Right now, I am setting with my puffy long jacket.

Winter Hats - Patterns, designs and colors! This is the part that you can mix things up if I want to. There are countless of hats to choose from so you can match your winter hat with your outfit under your coat or with your gloves or jacket. If you the type to change boots often then you can pair the colors together as well. I am more of a jacket hood kind of girl, yet at the same time, I can't resist a cute hat on.

Ear Muffs -  Keep your ears warms with these cute designs. Have you seen the ones with the earphones built in? I love that idea! Although, the ones I am showing is not that, I just had to mention it because it gives you warmth and music at the same time.

Scarves: Add a pop of colour with a scarf! There is endless of designs of scarves out there with prints, designs, fabrics and colours. I have seen more, that people crochet their own scarves and make it for their friends and family as well. Winter scarves are not only for when you go outdoors, bring it inside with you to add a stylish touch to your outfit. I love wearing the scarves without my winter coat!

Gloves: As much as I would like to buy my gloves strictly based on style, I have to be realistic on how much it will keep me warm. They style of gloves are based on what you need it for. If you know are going to be outside for a long period of time such as building snowmen then the waterproof gloves are the way to go. For walking to your car or knowing that you are going to be quick then those soft gloves are best. Plus these days you can text with your gloves as well. I remember the days of having to take out my glove every time I needed to text. No more! Most gloves include this.

Winter Boots: Just like getting a winter coat, you have to look for water resistant. Most cloth style boots get ruined a lot faster than ones with a plastic covering. Over here the salt of the roads can cause damage to our winter boots as well. I like the ones with plastic covering and fur at the top. It has lasted me a lot longer than the thinner boots or the soft fabric ones.

Get these styles here:

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  1. I just really love this outerwear. These are all just my style. Thank you so much for sharing this

    1. Your welcome, Linda! Glad you enjoy this outfit.


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