Monday, February 29, 2016

Remember When... DVRs Didn't Exist?

Remember When... DVRs Didn't Exist | City of Creative Dreams

Remember when...DVR didn't exist? I go through a ton of remembering when moments and conversations with friends and family thinking about how easy things are these days compared to when we were younger. This generation has it so easy and soon a hovercraft will be riding us around instead of walking. I know that one day, I will have this talk with my son and continue to think back so I thought I would bring those conversations from the kitchen table (as Wendy Williams likes to say) to my lovely readers and ask you, remember when DVRs didn't exist?

Looking back, when I was young (I say that as a young adult) I remember that once you missed an episode of your favourite TV show, you missed it. That was it until you an old episode came on again and you would hope it was the one you missed, however, that wasn't even guaranteed. You had the option of getting the whole season on DVD for a high price of course. There was no watching TV online or on your phone. Our form was binge watching was when you bought an entire season on DVD or a marathon on TV after the season.

Now we did record episodes however it was not the same as it recording shows now. Setting up the VCR and hitting the record button. The older ones you had to be there to record and the newer ones you can set it up to record but only for two shows. Plus the tapes didn't hold much, two, five hours and up. I remember having to sit by the tv just to record my favourite dance routines from So You Think You Can Dance? Then I would record then stop until I got every routine I loved from that week's episode. Now everything is basically on Youtube to watch.

Oh, have things changed, with Netflix, Crave TV and Shomi where we can bring our shows and movies with us everywhere. Plus through our TV subscribers, there is no limit to how many shows you can record which makes a TV lover like me very happy. How doesn't love a little binge watching nowadays either? Catch up on the latest craze or the older fan favourite shows. I myself finally binge watched Prison Break and enjoyed every minute of it.

Now that I am a young adult and like a billion things have come out and trended it is nice to look back at when things were not as easy. I may not have been around to use a record player but my version of old days is still something we call can look back and remember when. Can you think about your remember when... DVRs didn't exist. I would love to hear your stories and memories!

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