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Get Your Dream Living Room

Get Your Dream Living Room | City of Creative Dreams

The living room is the heart of the house. It is where people gather to spend time together and relax, discuss important decisions or exchange Christmas wishes. It is more than just a couch and an armchair, with a TV somewhere in the corner. The way your living room looks says so much about the people living there, and if you are thinking of redecorating yours, here are some ideas to get you started.

Before you do anything, think about what is the purpose of the living room in your house. Is it an entertainment center? A social gathering place or a quiet, alone time space? Determining what the living room is for you and your family will help you with making decisions about what furniture you need and how you should position it. If your family loves watching movies together and playing video games, then make sure you have a nice big couch facing the TV and any gaming consoles that you might be using. If you want it to be a no-electronics family time zone, then make sure that you have a lot of cozy sitting space that allows the people to sit facing each other. If you also use your living room as a dining room, make sure you have a table, because it creates a more comfortable feeling than eating on the couch.

Making it look good
A living room can be a tricky thing to decorate and equip because it needs to suit the needs of the whole family. If you have little children, all the fine china and glass vases need to be up high and out of reach, but you still can’t let your living room turn into your toddler’s personal play room.
Try to bring the look of a room together by sticking to one color pallet. Go for nudes with one accent color, or try a monochrome pallet. If your furniture isn’t a set, and that bothers you, you can sew some covers for them yourself, to make it all look more cohesive. A warm light source will make your room look very cozy and welcoming, while a cold light will give it a more modern feeling. If you want something in the middle, opt for a white light, or a mixture of warm and cold bulbs.

When it comes to decorating, your living room can very quickly turn into a hot mess, if you’re not careful. Plan ahead and don’t just pile on every figurine you might fancy at a yard sale. A wonderful timeless touch is a wall of family photos, where you can commemorate people from previous generations, as well as display important moments for your family. Bringing in live plants is also a wonderful way to decorate your room, but they need care, so make sure you don’t put them in harm’s way or leave them unattended when you go on vacation. But walls aren’t the only thing that you can decorate! Companies like Simply Doors and Windows have some great decorative doors that can inspire you, and decorating your windows is especially great during the holiday season when you can make it extra festive. If there are some things that you want to keep in your living room, like kid’s toys, but you don’t want them on full display, get a suitable chest where you can put them away. Don’t forget to leave some walls plain, to make the room more breathable.

Now you can go out and have your dream living room, making it into whatever you and your family need. Remember that your living room is for you, not for someone else to look at and enjoy, so make sure that your wishes about its decoration come first.


Guest post courtesy of Diana Smith.

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