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I am so happy that it is Friday. I have been kept busy for the past two days because I got two siblings down because they are sick. And I have been sick with the flu because of that flu shot I told you about however the best thing about being a blogger is that I can go to work even when I am not feeling so well. Yes, I was the kid in class who was sick and yet sitting in class. I couldn’t help it, I don’t like being behind in class because when you come back you have no idea what the teacher is talking about. So unless I felt like I was hit by a semi truck then I was off to school. I had to be organized even at young.

Now, I been working on my newest product designs for my store and excited for you to see my latest creations.

This is my diamond décor products. I should have name it snowflake design now thinking about it so lets go with diamond snowflake design… I like that and I love the design. Simply yet so nice. Not too over the top either. Have I drawn you in yet? Check out my store,you can click on the tab above or your can click here —->

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  1. We love a snowflake here! Very chic!

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