Travel Edition: Travel High Chair

Travel High Chair

You are going to love this. I am so excited to have bought this for my trip. I was watching CityLine which I do when something interesting is on and this episode was talking about doctor approved baby stuff  like toys, jewellery for moms and other stuff. They mentioned a travel high chair and I so happen to need on for my trip that I was on. I quickly went on my laptop and researched this product. This is such a great idea. It is from the brand My Little Seat and it is a Travel high chair. I bought it from Babyrama online for $29.99 and picked it up from the store the day. I chose this design called Hula Hoops because it is blue and silver.

All you need is a chair.

It comes with its own pouch to put it in and a pull string to open and close.

Place the top part over the chair and pull black string to make tighter

At the corners there are holes for chairs that have corners

The front looks like this

Take the string located to the middle of the seat and

Tie it in the back

Next take the last string (harness ties)

and also tie it in the back but next to the other straps, this one will be going through the belt loops at the top of the chair.

Now you can buckle your baby into it.

Adjust buckles so that it fits your baby snuggly

Now he or she is ready to eat.

This product is for ages 6 months to 30 months. Maximum 35lbs.  Make sure you follow the instructions and be in arm reach of your child. This is perfect for any mom, we all go out somewhere and need a high chair. So instead of using those provided high chairs you have one in your diaper bag at all times and for any occasion from grandma’s house to a lunch at a restaurant.

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  1. I love it! What a clever idea for a product! Where was that when my kids were babies? And, thank you for stopping by Shine a Spotlight Saturday and sharing! See you next Saturday! —Deb at

    1. No problem. Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂 See you on Saturday!

  2. What a neat travel high chair! We are so glad you linked up at Sewlicious Craft Showcase! Marti

    1. Your welcome! Thank you for stopping by and commenting 😀

  3. I just saw one not too long ago. I love this idea and product. Especially since it's not bulky. Thanks for sharing at the party @DearCreaitves Hope your having a great week! Theresa

    1. I will for sure be there. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment 😀

  4. Fantastic review. I really did enjoy scrolling through the pictures you have posted.

    1. Thank you so much. I am happy you enjoyed my post and stopped by. Thank you for your comment 🙂 Hope you come back to check out more.

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