Driving Lessons – Day 3/4/5

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I can’t believe I have come to the last few days of my driving lessons. Who would have know it would be gone so quick. It was a ton of information packed into five sessions but I made it alive and learned a ton. I am going to share the rest of the three days with you in a row because the dates were so closed to each other but if you missed all the fun and adventure from the beginning then be sure to check out Driving Lessons Tales Day 1 and Driving Lesson Tales Day 2 before reading on. However if you have been following along then find out what has happened these past days while driving. Hint, there was two almost accidents and a drive through.

Day 3

My driving day went very well. My instructor said I was driving very well. I learning how to switch lanes and park. Both parking forward and reversing to park backwards. It is something that takes getting used to of course and I still tend to second guess myself. It will have to be added to the list of things I need to practice. My instructor kept being discourage with me saying “TURN THE WHEEL SHANTI! TURN THE WHEEL FASTER SHANTI! DON’T PUT YOUR FOOT ON THE GAS!” (I mentioned before that he can’t say my name lol)  because I wasn’t remembering to turn the wheel really fast or taking my foot off the brake to let the car move while parking.

At one point I pressed the gas instead of the brake while parking backwards and almost crashed into the car behind me. (Thank goodness the instructor has a brake!) I also funny enough, learned how to go through a drive through. I thought it was a joke at first when my instructor said “Okay now drive me into the Tim Horton’s drive through” I literately laughed out before saying “Oh wait, are you being serious right now?” and he responded with “Yes I am being serious. I need a coffee.” I am getting practical and everyday life car learning over here. Just like everything I was learning this was another thing I defiantly will need to know while driving.

Day 4

My instructor said my name right. I was honestly amazed when he said “Shanice” I thought that he would never say my name right. I did not even have to correct him either. I been nice and just accepted that my name was Shanti with him but at last, Shanice was my name again. I learned how to do a S turns and honestly it drive me crazy. It is when you are turning towards the intersection of incoming traffic to turn. Naturally my instinct is to not want to go close to the incoming traffic but my instructor kept saying “GO! GO CLOSER, MOVE CLOSER, Straighten the wheel!” My mind is spinning. Finally once the traffic was gone or less I got to do the turn. Then we when back around to do it again. I don’t like this at all. Unless I always get an advance green maybe I will like these kinds of turns.

My right turns are getting much better though. On the way home we saw an accident almost happen. It wasn’t me of course but the driver in front of me. We were both waiting to turn left and funny enough it was a S turn. The car in front of us went to jet across the intersection before the cars came but didn’t see the people walking across so had to stop right there in the middle of the intersection, cars were coming and had to emergacy stop because this car was blocking them from going on their green light. It was a mad house. Finally the people crossed the street, the car went and when safe, I did my turn. I have a double lesson this week, tomorrow is another driving lesson and also my last lesson.

Day 5
I can’t believe I have completed my 10 hours. I wish that we did 20 hours of driving and 10 hours of in class. Since driving part should be more of a main focus but that is what I paid for. We basically did a review of everything I learned. So we did worked on parallel parking, three point turn, switching lanes, parking forward and back, more parallel parking and three point turn because I am still kind of slow. I got a thank you from a bus driver for letting him into the lane (we are suppose to let bus drivers in anyways by law so I did what I was suppose to do. My mom says bus drivers never say thank you to her lol
Then my instructor decided to bring me to this very crowded parking area and honestly that stressed me out. Thank goodness we didn’t go any parking there but it was hard to move the car with some many bad drivers not knowing what they are doing. Then we got out of the driveway and continued the pretend driving test he was giving me. I failed over a hundred times lol I kept forgetting and asking him questions on what to do. He wasn’t too happy but overall I did pretty good in my opinion. I got home right before the rain storm started. I felt bad for the next student who had to drive in that. I have four more months of practising by myself (with adult) before I can do my real driving test. I got some work to do. I am so nervous. I will be doing my test in the winter time. AHHH! But I am done my lessons! Yay!

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  1. Had fun reading this. I have been driving for 29 years and have never heard of a "S" turn. That's sound scary!! Thanks for sharing your adventure!

    1. I don't even truly understand why it is called a S turn when your not really making a s shape but apparently this type of turn is done daily so I had to learn it lol. I can't wait to be able to say I been driving for 29 years, I know then I will be a pro at driving. Happy you enjoyed this post. Hope you stick around to check out more.

  2. It's been a long time sine I took drivers ed in high school but I we'll remember the car with the extra break!

    1. Yeah, the extra brake is for sure something I will never forget.

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