I bought the IKEA PYSSLINGAR toy trunk. You saw my bookcase transformation from bookcase to custom closet for my son. Well at the bottom I needed a toy box for him and found the IKEA PYSSLINGAR to fit what I needed. It check off the all the things I was looking for which was 1. Affordability (I don’t want to spend too much on it) 2. It was big enough to fit his toys (can’t have something small then it would be a pointless buy) and lastly, 3. It had to go with the style of my transformation. I figured out that I was going for the deep browns, light beige, light brown and blue colour schemes. This added the pop of blue that I was looking for.

This toy trunk is soft and foldable so if you move homes or moving it to a different location in your home you can simply fold it up and place it where you want to put it.

There are Velcro fasteners on the cover that keeps the cover from getting lost some where.
Now, I can stop using a cardboard box to hold his toys.

Stylish and cute for kids.

Cute velcro for the fabric chest for the outside of the trunk.

Fits perfectly underneath my son’s custom closet.

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