Value Village Finds

Who doesn’t love a great deal and my favourite Value Village always has fantastic everything. Totally worth the long drive because it never leaves me without anything in my hands. I have a tendency to find outfits for my mom there and forget to find things for myself on the way. This time I found three clothing that I bought and can easily become two separate outfits.

Thinking back I boarder line thought bargain shopping was uncool because my friends weren’t into it and malls had the latest things. Plus it wasn’t so common hearing that people did things like this. Now I found combined both worlds, who knew that all you had to do was pick value villages near richer neighborhoods but shh… that is my little secret.

This Grey Rue 21 Long Sleeve Cost $5.99
I like the dark colour and that its not a complete long sleeve.

These Black Pants Cost $4.99
Its a small size then I usually wear but its comfortable and fits like a glove.
This Grey Eclipse Shirt Cost $4.99
When I saw it I fell in love… it has too shoulder peek a poos sections on the arms. 

In Total This Cost $14.97
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