Gluten Free Red Hot Cinnamon Cupcakes

gluten free cupcakes

Gluten free, cinnamon hearts and cupcakes what more can we ask for? I love love love cinnamon hearts and it always makes me sad to know that they only come out during the holiday. For people like me who love these candies regardless of what month it is, we like to stock up on the candy at this time. I am making my favorite cupcakes but made it the gluten free version. Before you groan at the thought of another not so good tasting gluten free snack, these cupcakes are not like that at all. It tastes like a nongluten-free cupcake cake… moist deliciousness.

You Will Need:
Betty Crocker – Gluten Free Golden Cake Mix
3 Eggs
Vanilla Extract
Cinnamon Heart Candies
First, I wanted to deal with the cinnamon heart candies first so that I have everything ready for when I started mixing everything together. I took a couple handfuls (like five handfuls) of these candies and poured them into the blender. I using it for two different baking so I needed that much but you can do any amount of candies as you want but make sure you think about how many cupcakes you care making. You want to have enough candy power for the whole batter. 

Once you have your candies blended and into a measuring cup you can start making the cupcake mix. Pour the package of cake mix into the bowl.

Next, add 2/3 cup water into the bowl and then 1/2 cup of butter.

Add your 3 Eggs and 2 tsp of vanilla extract

Then mix it all together. 

Now you can take the powdered cinnamon heart candies and pour it in. I used about a half of this.

Mix it into the cupcake mix.

Pour the batter into the cupcake holders. I bought my heart shaped cupcake holders from Dollarama for $2.00. Put the oven on, put it into the oven with a temperature at 325’c, place pan in the oven and allow the cupcakes to bake for around 18 minutes. 

When the wait is all over, you have yourself a yummy cupcake. 

gluten free cupcake recipe

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8 Replies to “Gluten Free Red Hot Cinnamon Cupcakes”

  1. I love those cinnamon red hot candies! I buy extra this time of year and eat them later when it's harder to find them. Can't wait to try your cupcake recipe out. Thanks for sharing at the This Is How We Roll Link Party at Organized 31.

    1. I stock up too! Enjoy the recipe!

  2. cinnamon is one of my fav flavors. Yummm! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop! xo

    1. Your welcome Katherine 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this w/ us at The Wednesday Roundup last week. We have chosen it as a feature, congrats!!! Hope to see you back again this week!

    1. Thank you so much! This made my day 🙂

  4. These sound so good. I love the red hot cinnamon candies. I have never had them in my cakes though. I will try this soon. Thank you so much

    1. You should, especially if you love red hot cinnamon candies!

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