Monday, May 11, 2015

Push Gift Guide

push gift guide, push present

Push gifts! Push presents! Which ever way you call it, you deserve it. I don't understand why some moms are against it. We do all the heavy lifting for nine months, some deal with sickness (I did) and some loose sleep because of stomach size but we all know the end part and the most obvious of pushing a baby out or doing a C section so I think it is nice to get a gift of appreciation for all that you have done to bring a baby or two or three into the world.

For husbands or anyone really who don't know what a push gift or a push presents is, it is a gift you give your wife, girlfriend or woman carrying your baby after your baby is born or in the delivery room or when she gets home from the hospital. This is completely different from a baby shower because baby showers are mostly gifts for the baby.

What should you buy? Before your husband looks at his wallet and gives you worried eye brows, there is many ways to do push gifts without going into debt over it. Not all of us are the Kims or Beyonce of the world so having a huge expectation is not the way to go. I have heard of moms getting cars, big rings and more but not all of us can get those types of gifts. Yes it would be nice but let's be real not everyone can afford to do those types of gifts. Am I right? That is why I have come up with a guide for price ranges that any marriage mate would love.

  1. XOXO Watch -- A little sparkle never hurts to have. A watch can do that and more but most importantly it can remind you to cherish each second of your life with you new baby. There are some watches you can get that allows you to have a photo inside.
  2. Cavallini & Co. Cavallini Papers Leather Journal -- Documenting memories in a journal or diary is such a great way to have a moment to yourself and reflect on what is going on in your life as your baby grows. It can be used to write letters to your little one, Dear Son or Dear Daughter kind of journal.
  3. Alex And Ani Hand In Hand Charm Bangle -- Charm bracelets are popular to buy. You can add charms to your bracelet over the years or whenever you have another one. You can completely customize it and stay stylish.
  4. Traditions Sterling Silver Ring -- Some moms enjoys rings. You can get a ring in the birth stone of your baby or in a favourite colour. As you have more children down the road you can repeat the gift and have the rings stack up on her finger.
  5. Jessica Silver Initial -- This one is my favourite idea. Having the first letter of your baby or children on a necklace. With some added sparkle, it is a gift I think is fantastic. 
  6. Umbra Horizon 4-Inch-By-6-Inch 2-Opening Photo Album -- Another idea is that you can place all photos of her journey into an album or create a photo book. If she had pregnancy photos done or not you can add it in. Be careful to not put photos that she clearly said she didn`t like.

No matter what you decide to buy or how much it costs, make sure it is from the heart. Anything from the heart always means the world to anyone. Make it count! Enjoy!

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