Thursday, July 23, 2015

Value Village Finds - July Edition

value village fashion finds

Summer is in the air and shopping time is here. You know I love a great deal and this month I can't wait to show you what I bought. Value Village had an everything is 50% off sale so I made sure to get in on the action even though it was close to the time that I had to go to that New Kids on the Block concert I told you about. Yeah, I know, really cutting it close there. No matter the rush of scanning the racks, my eyes never deceive me and now I will be rocking new summer wear. Here is what I bought.

First row: Carter's Grey Monkey Outfit -$2.99, Cosa Blanca Green Shirt -$3.99, Purple Tee -$9.99
Second row: Vest -$1.99, Jacob Grey Shirt -$7.99, BDG Coral Tank -$2.99
Third row: White tank -$4.99, Blue tank -$3.99
-50% off = $25.12 so I saved $19.50!

Okay, I have more to show you. While on my trip I also stopped at a value village and happened to buy more clothes. What can I say, when I see something that I like and it is at a very affordable price, I can't help myself but fill up the cart with necessary clothing. Too bad it wasn't a sale day but can't have it all, right?. Here is what I bought on my second round.

First row: Carter's Motorcycle Sleeper -$3.99, Nike grey tank -$9.99, Old Navy white tank -$2.99
Second row: Cherokee Racing 73 tee -$0.99, Pixar Cars tank -$0.99, Monster truck tank -$1.99 
Third row: Children Place Super 25 tee -$0.99, Disney cars shirt -$3.99, Touch Down tank -$1.99

First row: Guess BeYoutiful crop top -$5.99, Children Place Green tee - $1.99
Second row: Cherokee Blue tee -$0.99, George Grey Dress Shirt -$0.99
Third row: Seductions Beige tank -$1.99, Joe Fresh Coral tank -$3.99

Total amount of second round = $48.82

I think I should be good for shopping for a long time now. What do you think? Anything that I showed today, peak your interest?

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