Quick Tip: Under Bed Storage

under the bed storage tip
You don’t have to spend a ton to have under the best storage nor do you have to just through your belongings under there. There is a simple trick you can do to get some organizing done that doesn’t take much effort at all. Buy a storage shelf or decorative box or a under the bed storage bag. 
Have I been scavering in IKEA’s ‘As Is’ section again? Not recently, but I did during the time of when I was working on my pantry project. I found two of these ALGOT storage shelf there and this one only cost me $4.00! I used the other one as a chips storage pull out shelf in my pantry project and left this one just for my bedroom. 

To be honest, I had no idea on what I was going to use this second one for, all I knew is that I could find use for it somewhere in my bedroom.

Since my bed provided me with under the bed space, I thought I would use it for all the bags of pull ups and overnight diapers I bulk up on instead of just tossing it under there. When I do it like this, I can see what my stock is all the time and don’t have to search far to find it.

Simply add the pull ups or diapers or whatever you want to store inside and slide it under your bed. Your bedding will make a great distraction if someone passes by because it will be hidden behind it. Then where you are ready it is right there for you to take and go!

See I told you that it doesn’t take rocket science to be organize, simple tricks that will achomplish your goal. You can be as messy as you want under your bed but it doesn’t have to been seen or look completely diasterous. Just having the bags of diapers and pulls up, made under my bed look messy and this simple trick makes it look way more organized… and I only put the bags into the storage shelf. So simple!

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