Gifts For Her – Shopping Finds

micheals craft store

Micheals the craft store has got my eyes attention with their gifts for her sale that happened weeks ago.  Even though, this sale was ages ago, I could not help but share what I bought. Similar to me not helping but to buy these items. It is not my fault really, this store got a hold of me and did not let go especially since it was a buy one get one free deal. Free! That word alone does something to your brain and got my attention because, before long, I was in line purchasing these items. (Insert innocent smile and shrug here)

For starters, how could I not say no to this glass and gold jewelry case. I have been searching for something just like this that would not break my bank. The base of the case says ‘Happy Girls Are The Prettiest’ which is very cute, however, I may or may not give that part a makeover, a little something to add my own personal touch to it.

With this gold little pouch, I notice that my eyes are gravitating to gold. I don’t know what it is about this stylish pouch but I am Diggin the choice of font for the front and overall style of it. You can say I fell in love with the love pouch!

I went from not able to find one glass jewelry case to buying two at a fraction of the cost! I couldn’t leave the black and gold ceramic mini dish behind. It says ‘Sparkle’ on it. Font and overall style really pulled me in. I make great use of it with having it on my desk as a jewelry holder. Once bedtime comes around, my favourite necklace has a place to stay until morning.

Let’s talk about my savings, shall we? With Micheal’s buy one, get one free deal. I only had to pay for one of the glass jewelry cases which costs $21.99 and got the other case for FREE! Lastly, I bought the ceramic dish for $9.99 and got the gold pouch which originally cost $7.99 for… you guessed it… FREE! Add a 30% off purchase coupon, my purchase only cost me around $25.00! Now that is what I call a great sale!

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