Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fashion Finds - February Edition

fashion finds orfus road stitches

When it gets cold, clothing shopping for me becomes almost nonexistent. I am usually like a bear that hibernates because baby it is cold outside and I personally do no want to walk outside unless I have to. However this year and last year's winter, I made an exception since I was in deep need of a winter coat and long sleeve shirts.

This shopping trip, my main goal was to find myself a new winter coat since the one I had was not keeping me warm at all. Should I not be shivering in a long winter coat? No. Along with that mission, I wanted to also find myself a new pair of sweat pants for those lounging days. You can bet I went to my favourite shopping place at Orfus Road: Stitches!

The winter coat has everything that I have been looking for, wind resistant, waterproof and has to have a faux fur trim at least. This coat is perfect for that cold, Canadian, winter while it looks stylish in the process. I love the all faux fur inside of the hood and the grey colour outside. I am usually a black jacket type of girl so branching out to a grey is a great step. This winter coat originally costs $98.00 and I only bought it for $50.00.

The navy blue, long sleeve, crop style top was just a little extra that I could not leave the store without. I don't remember what it originally cost however, I do remember paying less than $6.00 for it. The NY sweat pants originally cost $16.00 but I only paid $8.00. Lastly, I bought these cute over the knee socks on their L.A Express line that originally cost $5.00 but I only paid $2.50.

So in total, I paid around $65.50!

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  1. This is such a cute outfit I really love it.

  2. This outfit is great. I love the jacket. I think you got some great deals here. Thank you for sharing


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