Fashion Finds – March Edition

Fashion Finds - City of Creative Dreams

You know when you go into a store for one thing and come out with more than what you have intended? Well. that is exactly what happened to me when I went into Ardene. I wanted to buy a pair of sunglasses because my broke in my bag but finding a pair that suited me was not possible with the selection that they had at the moment. So I settled with getting a navy blue tank that ended with me getting three tanks with the store associate suggestion on their ‘Buy Three for $10.00‘ deal.

The reason for getting this navy blue tank is that it is my latest color obsession. I am in love with the royal blue! The other two were color choices that I wanted to get that wasn’t my usual go-to colors. Sometimes it is time for a change in clothing and this one was one of them.

I may have a billion of tanks by now but I am happy to start spring with some new colors and of course at a great price!

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