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Recently I have signed up with Lifetime Fitness gym. Was that a dream of mine to join a gym? Nope. Was abs listed as a goal for years? Yup! But that wasn’t the real reason that I applied to join this gym. Honestly, I only wanted to join because I thought there was a rock climbing wall however that location doesn’t have it but they do have boxing which is another dream of mine.

I feel in love with this place because this place has everything. Spa, pool, restaurant, kids academy, basketball gym, salon, many classes, personal trainers and so much more. I couldn’t believe how huge this gym was and the many things made available in one spot.

What I enjoy the most is that my son gets to do activities and social with other kids while I am working out. I don’t go often but when I do, I am glad that my son is enjoying himself with staff that care. Just like the adults, there are many classes to choose from or you can enjoy the pool with the family.

All the machines are spot on, my fav is the massager because I am not the person who loves to be sore the next day since I have to go to work and be a mom for rest of the week. There are TVs on the wall and on the machines.

So far I am in love with this gym, staff is great and I am excited to try some new things this summer.

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