Best Potty Solution Ever for a Stubborn Child

Best Potty Solution Ever for a Stubborn Child | City of Creative Dreams

Now if you have been following along, potty training for me turned no existent. I mean we got at the destination, he was telling me “mommy I have to go potty” and we would rush there, he would go and in return get a new small toy car. That day was the best day ever. I thought this trial was finished, done and completed! Who would have known that the next day, it was like it never happened. Potty who?

I soon found myself standing right at the very beginning and dealing with anger, tantrums and the whole stress of it all. I even thought “This child is going to be old and still wearing pull ups“. My little man, (as cute as he is) just refused to go potty, he didn’t want to and took joy in saying “You need to change my bum.

I listened to everything in the book except for the let your child be naked around the house tip since it would not turn out nicely for me. However, apart from my stickers and car reward tricks. I really had to look at my son and notice when he would tell me he had to potty. Was is when his pull-up was full? Sometimes. What it when we were out and in the car? Yes. Was it when he was naked and about to have a bath? Yes.

Best Potty Solution Ever for a Stubborn Child | City of Creative Dreams

Lately, we have been using a schedule system which gets him to use the potty in the morning but the rest of the day is someone changing his pull up. I woke up one morning this week and said, “NO PULL UPS TODAY!” Even though I had only two pairs of underwear for him and today was my day off. I didn’t care, he was going to potty more than three times a week. This was going to happen. I was game for this plan and it was the best decision I have made yet.

Day 1 – 

Since this morning so far my little man used the potty even times, he peed seven times and pooped once. We only had two accidents on the floor today which are way less than what I was imagining. He did amazing telling me when he had to go and then he go rewarded with a toy car. He even didn’t want to use the potty seat. Sometimes, I had to tell him he should go potty if I notice any signs. If he was stubborn about it, I have a small card with a picture of a potty on it, I would show him and then he would go.

How was the rest of the week?

The rest of the week we only had two more accidents. For our first outing, I decided to put a pull up on in case he fell asleep, however, what ended up happening was that when we got home and I put him back into his underwear he forgot his pull up wasn’t on and had an accident. That one was a number two which made me cringe but I handled it professionally.

Best Potty Solution Ever for a Stubborn Child | City of Creative Dreams

What was difficult during this week?
The most difficult part was since my work schedule is up and down. I had to rely on family members to keep up on my progress. Some were afraid to keep the pull-up off especially when they had to take my son somewhere but I stressed the importance of keeping the routine.
Overall, we made it a whole entire week of potty training successfully. My little man even held his pee until we got home since we weren’t home yet. I am so happy that we said goodbye to pull-ups. I still have him on overnight ones until I feel he is ready for those to go. Of course, this is just the beginning. So far he woke me up at 5am to tell me he has to go potty! Awesome! Night potty training here I come!

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